Implementation Services

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Implementation Services

We provide online and on-site training services to customers interested in receiving our help during implementation. Our professional ERP consultants help with program configuration and training after conducting an analysis of your company's business needs and requirements.

Online Training Service

We provide two training sessions to help customers settle in with the program. Depending on your company's workflow, individual sessions may last up to 2 hours. Online training is free of charge.
1st Training Session
  • Analyze your company's requirements per department.
  • Discuss configuration options of the program according to your workflow.
  • Show examples of registering basic data required to begin using the program.
  • Demonstrate how to use the main functionalities.
2nd Training Session
  • Typically conducted after the first 1-2 months of using the program.
  • Discuss and resolve any issues that may arise during initial use of the program.
  • Review data registration and main functionalities.

On-site Training Service

You can request to receive a visit from ECOUNT ERP consultants on-site to help with training and implementation. Both Online Training and On-site Training offer the same services but on-site training has an additional fee.
  • Consultation fee: $50 USD/hour
  • Long Distance: Full, round-trip transportation and accomodation expenses of the consultant.
  • For more information regarding the on-site fees, please contact our team.

Data Migration Service

Through the ECOUNT Web Uploader and ECOUNT Excel Uploader, you can upload actual data into the program to help with data migration. Users can upload accounting data (such as current receivables, payables, tax account balances, etc.) and inventory data (such as item codes, sales/purchases, on-hand quantities, etc.) to the system via the Excel uploaders. Furthermore, each menu offers Help icons to help learn about upload steps and troubleshooting.
However, if additional data migration assistance is required, we offer paid services. All data to be uploaded must follow our required Excel formats.
The upload of data takes at least one week beginning from the day it was received in the mandatory Excel format.

Upload Accounting vouchers

  • 5,000 Excel lines: $500 USD
  • Every additional 1,000 lines: $100 USD

Other data (Customer/Vendor, Item, Sales, BOM etc.)

  • 5,000 Excel lines: $200 USD
  • Every additional 1,000 lines: $50 USD