Data Security

ECOUNT understands that information security is an important factor when choosing an online ERP software.
ECOUNT ERP was designed with security in mind and uses various controls to ensure the data is secure.
Application Controls:
Authority-based Access
  • Set restricted periods so particular users cannot edit data between specified dates.
  • User menus can be controlled to prevent users from viewing data not pertinent to their assigned activities.
  • Administrators can view an audit trail of user logins including the date, time, and IP address.
IP Address Restriction
  • User IDs can be set to allow access on specified IP addresses. This can allow users to login on company-issued computers or smart phones.
Password Policies
  • We encourage our users to change their password on a regular basis to ensure a high level of data security is maintained.
    Users can select the interval in which their password is changed.
  • A User ID is locked after 5 failed login attempts.
Time Restrictions
  • The Master ID is able to set time restrictions to prevent specified users from logging in during non-work hours or weekends.
  • The Master ID can also set time restrictions for the CS portal to prevent vendors and clients from logging in during non-work hours.
ECOUNT Data Security
ISO 27001
ECOUNT has obtained the ISO 27001 certification which shows that ECOUNT has met the requirements of an information security management system to anticipate and protect against potential information security breaches. ECOUNT is regularly audited to ensure the management system is in place and properly implemented.
  • The ECOUNT servers are not located in any ECOUNT offices. The servers reside in a secure data facility in secure, climate controlled environment.
  • ECOUNT employees do not have access to servers.
  • Client data is stored on three separate servers at all times.
  • The servers have 24-hour security.
Data Security
  • Data encryption is used in the ECOUNT network.
  • A firewall is used in the ECOUNT network.
  • Real-time protection is used to protect against malware, viruses, spyware, adware, and malicious attacks.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies are used to ensure the data backups and security measures are always working.