Shipping Management
Avoid having issues with shipping customers products. Our ERP allows for one to process the order and at the same time create a packing slip and process for shipping
  • Shipping Order can be linked with the sales history so the order without omission is possible.
  • Effective shipping management is possible in conjunction with shipping orders.
  • Shipment progress management and status can be grasped in real time.
    Main Features
    • Interlocking with sales contents
      • Create the shipping order by calling up the sales input.
      • For business efficiency, you can set up the shipment slip to be automatically generated at the same time as the sales input.
      • Notify the dispatcher at the same time you create the shipping order slip so there is no omission.
      • Basic information such as phone number and address can be automatically called up on the shipping order input screen. Shipping Management
    • Shipping progress management
      • Distinguish the progress by setting the Finish Shipping Order.
      • The details of the shipment can be checked at a glance through the Shipment Status
      • At the time of shipment, you can print out your shipping label and send it to your customer by mail or fax.
    Shipping Management