Shipping Management

When sales and deliveries are handled separately, shipment operations
in the warehouse must be based on sales data so
that you can manage the exact quantity of goods to be shipped.


Link to the sale so that you can easily track the items to be shipped and Ship-To locations.
  • You can easily enter the shipping instructions by automatically loading the sale.
  • Basic information such as the phone number and address can be called automatically onto the packing slip.
  • You can manage detailed shipment information by adding custom fields on the input screen.
Effective shipment history management can be realized by linking with shipment instructions.
  • You can load shipping order details onto the shipping menu and manage the shipment workflow.
  • Easily check internal status updates and remaining shipment quantity against the shipping order.
  • The mobile app allows the dispatcher to enter real-time shipment confirmations on the field.
It is easy to manage the preparation and progress of the shipment in your warehouse.
  • You can easily discover the progress of the shipment by setting whether or not to confirm the shipment was released.
  • The details of the shipment can be confirmed at a glance through the shipment status report.