Shipping Management
Avoid having issues with shipping customers products. Our ERP allows for one to process the order and at the same time create a packing slip and process for shipping
  • Shipping Order can be linked with the sales history so the order without omission is possible.
  • Effective shipping management is possible in conjunction with shipping orders.
  • Shipment progress management and status can be grasped in real time.
    • Is it possible to automatically generate a shipping order with the sales entry?
      Yes it is possible. You can set up the system to automatically generate the shipping order slip when you save the sales slip.
    • Can I send a shipment notification to the person in charge?
      You can automatically notify the person in charge when you save the voucher.
    • Can I set an user account so that only delivery department employees only see the shipment-related menu.
      You can set the user account to only see the shipment-related menu through user authorization.
    • Is it required to use the shipping order and tge shipping management functions?
      It is not necessary to use the functions unless the person in charge for sales and shipment is divided. You can manage your stock and shipping during sales entry.
    • In shipping order entry, is the customer's address automatically filled in if I've registered it on customer information?
      Yes it is. The address registered in customer information can be automatically generated when shipment order is created. If you have already registered multiple addresses in addition to the representative one, you can select the address you want and apply it.
    • Can I set a field for the courier amd waybill number at the time of shipment input?
      Yes it is possible. You can add customized text fields and name them courier and waybill number. Data inputted can be viewed in a list form and also be displayed in reports.
    • Can I use my mobile device to enter shipping order and process shippment completion?
      With the mobile app, you can use all the features of ECOUNT, so you can check your shipment and process your shipment to your mobile device.
    • Can I check the delivery status of stocks that the PIC in shipping department processed?
      After entering the shipment order, you can check the Pending Shipment Status according to the existence of a shipment slip data entry.
    • I have a lot of shipments for delivery. Do I have to enter each one individually?
      No. If you have a lot of data, you can register a large number of shipment slips at once by uploading them through Excel.
    • Can I process shipment with a barcode scanner?
      You can register the items for shipment by scanning their barcodes.
    • Can I send the shipping ticket to the customer easily?
      You can send the shipping ticket by e-mail to the customer.
    • Is it possible to set the system so a shipping order is mandatorily generated for specific customers?
      During customer registration, you can set it so a shipping order is mandatorily generated when there is sales to this customer.
    Main Features
    • Interlocking with sales contents
      • Create the shipping order by calling up the sales input.
      • For business efficiency, you can set up the shipment slip to be automatically generated at the same time as the sales input.
      • Notify the dispatcher at the same time you create the shipping order slip so there is no omission.
      • Basic information such as phone number and address can be automatically called up on the shipping order input screen. Shipping Management
    • Shipping progress management
      • Distinguish the progress by setting the Finish Shipping Order.
      • The details of the shipment can be checked at a glance through the Shipment Status
      • At the time of shipment, you can print out your shipping label and send it to your customer by mail or fax.
    Shipping Management