Sales Documents
Sales slip in ECOUNT ERP can record all the transaction information required to generate accurate sales status information.
  • Print your sales slip after you submit order details.
  • The sales invoice can be designed to your desire using the features we offer.
  • Send a sales slip to your customer by email, or download via PDF or Excel .
    Main Features
    • Customer Sales Statement
      • Print the sales slip at the same time as you input sales.
      • Collect multiple sales slips for a specific time period and print them out as a single statement.
      • As well as shipping by case, you can easily set a period and batch shipping.
      • You can send electronic (tax) invoices including the transaction details when sending mail.
    • Transaction Statement Form
      • In addition to the standard form, you can set it up in a suitable one for your company.
      • Add and print the items you want to display on the transaction statement, such as receivables and deposit account.
    • Transaction Statement Delivery Method
      • Can be sent by email, SMS, fax, or any of various other methods. Attach a file when sending a transaction statement.
      • Send transaction statements via mobile apps, so you can handle your business instantly even when your PC is unavailable.
    Sales Documents