Sales Documents
Sales slip in ECOUNT ERP can record all the transaction information required to generate accurate sales status information.
  • Print your sales slip after you submit order details.
  • The sales invoice can be designed to your desire using the features we offer.
  • Send a sales slip to your customer by email, or download via PDF or Excel .
    • Do I need to create a transaction statement?
      No. The sales invoice is automatically generated based on the entered sales history, so no further action is required.
    • How many transaction statement can I issue?
      Issuance of sales invoice is unlimited, so you can use as many as you need.
    • Each customer has a different form of transaction statement.
      You can edit the sales invoice form. As with other printouts, you can use up to 50 forms in your sales invoice, so you can fit it even if the form is different for each customer.
    • Can I only send the transaction statement through PC?
      No. You can use all the features of ECOUNT on your desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile devices. You can also send a sales invoice from any of them.
    • Do I have to enter an address each time I send my transaction statement to an account via Email?
      You do not need to enter additional information because the email you entered when you registered the account information is automatically imported
    • It seems that the sales invoice is only printed one by one, is that correct?
      You can print the invoice one by one or in batches, so you can use it according to the required format.
    • There is a customer who asks to send him a barcode with the item in their sales invoice.
      Possible. When you add a barcode to the sales invoice form, the bar code registered in the item is applied and displayed on the sales invoice.
    • The sales invoice is different from our company's existing invoice. What should we do?
      You can set up a sales invoice form so that you can make changes to the existing forms.
    • Do I have to stamp it every time?
      If you register a stamp image, it is automatically printed on to the form such as sales invoice, quotation, tax invoice, etc.
    • Do I have to purchase a form sheet?
      You can print on A4 paper, so you do not need to purchase separate forms to print your sales invoice.
    • Is it possible to send out the monthly sales invoice in bulk?
      Yes. By using the Print Sales Slip menu, you can group the transaction details by a specific period for each customer.
    Main Features
    • Customer Sales Statement
      • Print the sales slip at the same time as you input sales.
      • Collect multiple sales slips for a specific time period and print them out as a single statement.
      • As well as shipping by case, you can easily set a period and batch shipping.
      • You can send electronic (tax) invoices including the transaction details when sending mail.
    • Transaction Statement Form
      • In addition to the standard form, you can set it up in a suitable one for your company.
      • Add and print the items you want to display on the transaction statement, such as receivables and deposit account.
    • Transaction Statement Delivery Method
      • Can be sent by email, SMS, fax, or any of various other methods. Attach a file when sending a transaction statement.
      • Send transaction statements via mobile apps, so you can handle your business instantly even when your PC is unavailable.
    Sales Documents