Sales Order Management Software

Sales order management and sales flow is incredibly important for managing sales efficiently. If the sales flow is slow or ineffective, it can result in lost sales and dissatisfied customers. Thousands of small and midsized businesses are using ECOUNT ERP to manage their custom sales flows. ECOUNT ERP helps businesses manage sales orders and flow more efficiently while reducing redundant work and risk of errors.

Common Issues

  • Difficulty managing the steps from delivering a quote to invoicing in a timely manner.
  • Lack of integration and communication in the sales flow. The sales department system is not connected with the inventory, purchasing, or accounting departments.
  • Difficulty reacting to the evolving business environment and customer trends.
  • Lag time in fulfilling sales orders.
  • Accounts receivable are not collected within the desired time frame due to invoicing issues.
With ECOUNT ERP, users can manage the sales flow and process information in real-time. Users often improve efficiency and communication with an integrated sales and accounting system.


  • Evaluate the sales flow starting from the sales quote, to the sales order, shipment, and invoicing.
  • Integrated functions for easy entry and less time on administrative tasks.
  • No need to enter data multiple times – sales activity is reflected in inventory, accounting, and production modules.
  • Modify the fields, entry screens, templates, and reports to fit your company needs.
  • Supports the functions necessary for sales including merchandise management, price management, inventory and safety stock management, credit limit verification, and more.
  • Process sales easily by using a barcode, barcode app, POS, mobile application, the ECOUNT Excel add-on and more.

Key Functions

Manage quotes

  • Create up to 50 quote templates.
  • Instantly send a customer a quote through email or the CS portal.
  • Approve sales quotes quickly with the online approval feature, e-Approval.
[Print a Quotation]

Manage sales orders and safety stock

  • Load existing sales quotes to instantly create a sales order.
  • Verify order details by due date and manage progress with greater efficiency.
  • Create reports including a sales order list, outstanding quote status, outstanding sales order (S/O), sales order summary and more.
  • Create purchase orders based on sales order needs.
[Outstanding S/O Status]

Streamline the sales process

  • After a new sale is entered into the system, the inventory is deducted automatically.
  • Print a sales slip or sales tax invoice.
  • Streamlined process to upload corresponding sales order to new sales.
  • Manage the unsold quantity that has not been released.
  • Search sales status and summary including sales results by sales person.
  • Set the sales templates and reports settings to your company’s needs.
  • Quickly verify inventory levels or customer credit limit before completing a sale.
  • Enter new sales by barcode using the Barcode App, POS, ECOUNT Excel Add-on, Mobile site, and more.
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Manage fulfillment time

  • Create a shipping order by loading the completed sales order.
  • Edit when a shipping order is in progress or completed.
  • Search and print shipping order statuses.
[Shipping Order Status]

Manage sales invoices

  • Instantly issue a sales invoice after selling an item.
  • Issue multiple sales slips to a single invoice and apply discounts.
  • Verify the pre-invoicing status after a sale.
  • View the account receivable status by person-in-charge or customer.
  • Reduce invoicing time with an integrated accounting module.
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