Sales Plan Management
Tracking sales information can give the company an idea how to improve as an overall team.
ECOUNT is a program that sets specific goals and establishes effective sales strategies to achieve them.
  • Set systematic sales plans and goals for your continued growth.
  • Easily check the sales plan/goal achievement using the actual comparison table.
    • Is it possible to not only manage passed sales transactions but also prospected sales?
      It is possible through the Sales Forecast menu in which you can set specific sales goals an plan for future sales accordingly.
    • Can I plan prospected sales by salespeople?
      Yes. You can register the expected sales performance for each salesperson and compare it with their actual sales performance.
    • Our company has several stores and need to compare sales goal and performance by stores. Is it possible?
      Yes, it is possible to set sales goals for each stores and compare them with their actual sales performance.
    • Can I record the expected sales for each customer?
      Yes. You can record the estimated sales of each company, compare them with their actual sales, and check the difference.
    • When employees view their sales goals and performances, can I restrict them to view their sales data only?
      You can restrict sales forecast and performances by salespeople through authorization setup.
    • Can I manage my sales plan on a project-by-project basis?
      It is possible to manage sales by project by choosing the project during sales entry.
    • I manage my clients by region and I want to compare sales rate by region.
      You can see the peformance rate by region by defining each region as customer group values. Then you can view the sales performance of these groups in a chart.
    • Can I print a report showing my sales plan, actual sales, and achievement rate?
      Reports are available for download and for print in PDF or Excel form.
    • Can I download my sales plan report in an Excel format?
      Sales plan is convertible to Excel from the Sales vs. Sales Forecast or Sales Forecast List menu.
    • Can I forecast item sales?
      You can create sales plans by entering the target amount for each item handled by the company.
    • Is it possible to restrict menu access for certain employees?
      It is possible to restrict user IDs without menu authority from accessing menus.
    Main Features
    • Sales Planning
      • Set a sales target amount by date.
      • Input screen settings allow you to plan sales details by employee, locations(store), project, and item
    • Comparison of sales results
      • View sales performance against the sales plan in the Sales vs. Sales Forecast.
      • Use the various search items to display the desired Sales vs. Sales Forecast.
      • Review the difference and the percentage of achievement against the estimated sales amount by condition.
    Sales Plan Management