Order Management
The purpose of order management of ECOUNT is to create a seamless workflow that confirm each step of the order has been completed.
  • Setup a custom order process
  • Collaboration of all departments responsible for inventory is possible based on orders.
  • Receive orders from customers or stores through the online ordering system.
    Main Features
    • Order Form Setting
      • Design your input/output screens and order forms to your liking.
      • The set order screen can be converted to PDF or Excel, and can be sent by e-mail or fax to the customer.
    • Collaboration with Job Order
      • Order contents can be linked with inventory and production related tasks such as sales, purchasing, ordering, job orders, etc.
      • Attach files to post registered in Groupware, connect with e-approval and set approval procedures, and receive notification on delivery date connecting with Schedule.
    • Online Ordering System
      • It is a system that can process Job Order with dealers and customers online, not by telephone, fax, or e-mail.
      • The orders entered by the customer can be checked in real time on the ERP screen.
      • If you approve the order on the ERP screen, the updated order progress will be passed.
      • In addition to order progress, customers can view transaction statements, ledgers, inventory status, and more from the online ordering system.
    Order Management