Order Management
The purpose of order management of ECOUNT is to create a seamless workflow that confirm each step of the order has been completed.
  • Setup a custom order process
  • Collaboration of all departments responsible for inventory is possible based on orders.
  • Receive orders from customers or stores through the online ordering system.
    • Can I print my sales order form?
      Yes. If you enter the sales order, it will automatically be reflected in the order printout and you will be able to print and email your customers.
    • Can I customize the input screen and order form?
      Yes. You can change the input screen according to the company, and you can make up to 50 order forms to your liking.
    • Is it possible to link with other menus, such as quotation > order, sales order > purchase order, sales order > sale ?
      Possible. You can apply the quotation to the order, or register the order form as sales, and manage it in conjunction with related tasks.
    • Is it possible to input/view on mobile too?
      Yes. A mobile version of the screen is provided for anyone that wants to enter/view quickly and easily.
    • Is it possible to check the quantity not sold in comparison to the order?
      You can check the quantity of order and the remaining quantity in the Outstanding S/O Status book simultaneously.
    • Is there an authorization processing function for the purchase order slip I entered?
      Yes. You can use the Unconfirmed/Confirmed function or utilize the e-approval function of groupware.
    • Can we change the name of the menu when we use the purchase order form instead of the order form?
      Yes. You can easily use it by changing the name to suit the company's operation.
    • Is there a function that can be entered directly by the customer?
      Yes. You can use a free Customer Service Portal. If you give an ID to each customer, they can register their order online after logging in with the given ID. You can manage those orders in ERP.
    • Is it possible to distinguish the items that can be entered by the customer?
      You can limit the items that can be viewed per each ID, so you can distinguish certain types of items that can be viewed and entered.
    • Is it possible to set a notification to be sent to the head of the company when the order is entered by the customer?
      Yes. You can receive notifications via text, ERP messages, mobile app notifications, and even email through Settings.
    • Can I set an order entry time for the customers?
      With the online ordering system, you can set to enter orders only during specific times, and you can also display the available times as a reminder.
    • Is it possible to set a credit limit per customer?
      You can set the credit limit and period for each customer, so that they will not be able to enter the order form when they exceed the limit, or you can display it via notifications.
    • Is it possible to set a scarce inventory to prevent order entry?
      Using the Safety Inventory feature, you can limit your ability to register your order if you run out of stock or display a notification.
    • Do I have to repeat the sales input after entering my sales order?
      No. When you enter sales, you can easily import the registered order form.
    • If we are the head office of a franchise, can the affiliate stores place an order online?
      Yes. We provide an online ordering system that allows customers to register their order online.
    • Is it possible to hide the unit price when ordering online?
      The online ordering system allows you to set the input screen, so that the item price can be hidden.
    • Is there a function to check the quantity of items entered on the sales order form?
      Yes. If you connect the sales slip after inputting the sales order, you can check the quantity of items that have not been sold compared to the sales order in Outstanding Quotation status report.
    • If we are the head office of a franchise, is there a report that summarizes the order details per item?
      Of course. It provides a book that allows you to view the whole order history at a glance, so you can check it by subtotal per item.
    • Can we send the order history to the buyer?
      When you create a purchase order, you can import a sales order, so you can easily create an order form based on your order history and send it to your customer.
    • Is it possible to enter orders into the smartphone app?
      Yes. You can use all of the functions of ECOUNT in the app just like a PC. Orders can also be entered.
    Main Features
    • Order Form Setting
      • Design your input/output screens and order forms to your liking.
      • The set order screen can be converted to PDF or Excel, and can be sent by e-mail or fax to the customer.
    • Collaboration with Job Order
      • Order contents can be linked with inventory and production related tasks such as sales, purchasing, ordering, job orders, etc.
      • Attach files to post registered in Groupware, connect with e-approval and set approval procedures, and receive notification on delivery date connecting with Schedule.
    • Online Ordering System
      • It is a system that can process Job Order with dealers and customers online, not by telephone, fax, or e-mail.
      • The orders entered by the customer can be checked in real time on the ERP screen.
      • If you approve the order on the ERP screen, the updated order progress will be passed.
      • In addition to order progress, customers can view transaction statements, ledgers, inventory status, and more from the online ordering system.
    Order Management