Sales should be accompanied by inventory management and receivable management.
Using ECOUNT increases your efficiency by linking your sales and accounts receivables information.
  • Our inventory sales and accounting receivable sectors are both seamlessly integrated and design to work together to generate accurate sales information.
    Main Features
    • Sales input method
      • Save the sales data simply by linking the entered order form.
      • The barcode scanner can handle the delivery process utilizing barcodes through ECOUNT App.
      • Easily and quickly register a large amount of sales data using the Excel uploader function
    • Sales Tax Invoice Management
      • Immediately issue a tax invoice based on your sales details.
      • Issue tax invoices freely by applying the required criteria such as case-by-case by issue and total monthly issue.
    • Check Sales Data
      • Use the Sales Status report to check sales at a glance.
      • With customized reports, it's easy to check the kind of data you want, such as sales figures by sales person.