Sales should be accompanied by inventory management and receivable management.
Using ECOUNT increases your efficiency by linking your sales and accounts receivables information.
  • Our inventory sales and accounting receivable sectors are both seamlessly integrated and design to work together to generate accurate sales information.
    • Can I print the saes invoice directly after inputting sales?
      When you enter the sales history, the sales invoice is created automatically. You can print the sales invoice immediately after the sales input, or send it to your customers via email.
    • I do not wish to show the unit price in the sales invoice to some clients.
      You can set the sales invoice form to hide the unit price. As for the others, you can register up to 50 forms, so you can only send a sales invoice with a specific price hidden to specific customers.
    • Can I issue an invoice immediately after I enter the sales slip?
      Yes. You can link your sales slip to a tax invoice and issue a tax invoice for each slip, or you can issue a deadline tax invoice for a set period of time.
    • Can I choose the wholesale/retail price for each item when I enter the sales slip?
      Yes. You can register several unit prices in the item and select it when you input sales.
    • Can I immediately check the stock of the item I have entered?
      Of course. Instead of checking inventory books separately when you enter sales, you can simply click a button to see the inventory of these items.
    • Tax calculation is issued to one customer, but is it possible to check the details of the fields to where the goods are shipped?
      When you enter sales, you can enter the shipped field, so you can easily check sales for each field.
    • There are 20 pieces in a box. Some are shipped individually, others are shipped by box. How can we manage?
      By registering the quantity per item in information, you can manage both the single goods issue and the box unit goods issue. The number of pieces automatically converted at the time of box shipment is reflected in stock.
    • Can I add more than one remarks column?
      Yes. You can add items to the input screen so that you can manage the sales details more precisely by adding the necessary items, as well as the remarks.
    • Our company is a tile distributor, so we have to calculate the volume. Is it possible?
      Of course. When inputting sales, you can apply the formula such as width and height to reflect the stock and amount.
    • Unit price fluctuates daily. Is it possible to ship goods at a daily price that fluctuates?
      When the sales input is made, the unit price registered in the item is retrieved by default, but it can be freely modified and applied. If the unit price fluctuates, you can register the sales by applying the appropriate unit price at that time.
    • Unit price negotiations will be held at the beginning of next month. Can I make bulk changes to the negotiated unit price after shipment?
      Yes. You can change the selling unit price in a batch, so once the unit price is registered as the basic unit price, you can correct the unit price.
    • Is the shipped item automatically assorted into tax-exempt/taxable items?
      Of course. Tax exemption/taxation can be distinguished when registering an item, which is automatically reflected in the sales input.
    • We sell products in sets, so stock should be checked by component(single item)basis.
      When using the set product function, the stock of the component is automatically deducted when the set product is shipped.
    • When a product is shipped, different vendors refer to it differently, so the names can get very confusing. Is there an easier way?
      You can set it so that one item can be searched by multiple names.
    • Can I leave my exchange history if the goods are exchanged due to a problem?
      Yes. You can record all the return and exchange history, and also record the reason for each.
    • I am Sole Proprietor and manage sales/delivery by myself. I need to issue a tax invoice and a sales slip right away when I visit my customer. How can I do this?
      You can use all the features of ECOUNT on your mobile, just like on a PC. You can easily issue transaction statements and tax invoices from your mobile phone right away.
    • We deliver the same items and the same quantity every month. Is it possible to handle it easily?
      You can copy and use the sales slip. If you have some changes, you can copy and modify them.
    Main Features
    • Sales input method
      • Save the sales data simply by linking the entered order form.
      • The barcode scanner can handle the delivery process utilizing barcodes through ECOUNT App.
      • Easily and quickly register a large amount of sales data using the Excel uploader function
    • Sales Tax Invoice Management
      • Immediately issue a tax invoice based on your sales details.
      • Issue tax invoices freely by applying the required criteria such as case-by-case by issue and total monthly issue.
    • Check Sales Data
      • Use the Sales Status report to check sales at a glance.
      • With customized reports, it's easy to check the kind of data you want, such as sales figures by sales person.