Custom Invoice Software

Creating and modifying templates in Word and Excel can be a pain. Those who are not pros with Excel are often frustrated with their mediocre sales invoices and slips. In ECOUNT ERP, creating professional looking sales invoices, quotes, and slips is a breeze. ECOUNT ERP enables users to modify the program in order to include essential information into their invoices.

Common Issues

  • Sales growth requires faster reporting and better organization.
  • Cannot create reports quickly and they often lack real-time sales information.
  • Changes in management lead to a new focus on sales reporting.
  • Lack of organization and lost paperwork lead to errors.
  • Current sales program charges extra to customize the program.
With ECOUNT ERP, users can customize the input screens, search fields, and various reports to fit the company workflow. It is easy to create detailed report types with a personalized appearance and customer information. The system is easy to customize according to business needs and environment.


  • The sales department reports and templates reflect only the required information.
  • There are no additional costs or time required to create and modify sales templates, input screens, or reports.
  • Reduced reliance on Excel for data management and reporting.
  • Integrated system allows for easy searching, better organization, and less paperwork.

Key Functions

Customizable books and reports

  • Modify the templates status reports, statistics, journals and historical
  • Load hundreds of fields related to sales in the reports menu - not only can
    you load the basic fields, but also fields created by other users.
  • If you cannot find the field desired, it can be easily added to the program.
[Create a Sales Status Template]

Customize templates

  • Customize reports and invoices that fit the overall brand.
  • Insert your business logo for a personalized appearance.
  • Edit the appearance of the sales slips to your preference.
[Customize Sales Slip Templates]

Customize entry screens

  • Add or delete an input field used for quotes, sales orders, shipping orders,
    and new sales.
  • Set the program to automatically load basic customer information on sales
  • Automatically calculate and display the beginning and ending balance of a
    customer accounts receivable for new sales.
[New Sales Display Setup]