Receivable Management
When sales increase, you must track to collect the receivables on time.
Therefore, it is necessary to manage accurate receivables using good a well established sales management program.
  • At the same time as sales entry, customer account receivables are reflected, so you can prevent the omissions and misspellings.
  • Integrated management of inventory data and accounting data is possible.
  • You can check receivables at a glance by the employee and customer.
    Main Features
    • Automated Receivable Management
      • At the same time as sales entry, the sales amount is automatically reflected to the customer's receivable.
      • The receipt amount is also automatically deducted from the customer's receivable.
    • Integrated Management of Inventory and Accounting
      • The sales amount can be easily reflected in the classified account book by items or multiple items.
      • It is possible to apply the discount of the attempted amount at the time of accounting reflection, and it is possible to issue the e-tax statement easily.
    • Status of various accounts receivable
      • You can easily see sales, receipts and receivables details of each period by salesperson or customer.
      • You can check the status of receivables and the status of your tax invoice at a glance.
      • Sales accounts can be collated between the sales department and the accounting department, which enables the management of receivables without omission.
    Receivable Management