Accounts Receivable Management

If you're a novice or have 20 years of experience,
our accounting menus offer easy-to-use and advanced accounting options.


Accounts receivable management that does not require separate input options.
  • As you generate a sale, the sales amount is automatically reflected onto your receivables.
  • The collection amount is also automatically decreased in the accounts receivable details.
Integrated management of inventory data and accounting data is possible.
  • You can easily bundle sales amounts or group them into an account book.
  • Easily apply a discount onto the amount due on invoices.
View your receivables at a glance
  • You can quickly see the sales history, payments, and receivable history per sales representative and customer.
  • Check the receivable amounts and generate reports of the status of your receivables.
  • Compare sales amounts with accounting records to make sure all sales are properly invoiced.