Quotation Management
Create a quote with detailed information and precise order information for any incoming leads.
  • In the quotation, you can include all the information you need and send to your clients.
  • It can be delivered in real time by e-mail and fax, reducing business hours and improving accuracy .
    Main Features
    • Customized Form
      • Up to 50 individual quotation forms can be registered and utilized.
      • Add detailed information such as the desired type or item image, contacts, remarks, etc.
      • Search for items you have added to the quote which was created in the past
    • Real-time Quot Transmission
      • At the same time you input, can send quotation by e-mail or fax.
      • Check the content of the customer's quotation, inquire past quotations and use it for other tasks.
      • Once quote creation is complete, you can send notifications (SMS, messages, app push notifications, etc.) to the relevant department.
      • Send a quote to the customer who has completed the final payment in connection with the e-approval.
      • Quotes created in conjunction with the messenger can be sent to the relevant chat room.
    • Various business links
      • Create an order by calling up the contents of the written quotation as it is.
      • Easily check the order status and the qty of outstanding in comparison with the quotations through reports such as Quotation Status and Outstanding Quote Status.
    Quotation Management