Quotation Management
Create a quote with detailed information and precise order information for any incoming leads.
  • In the quotation, you can include all the information you need and send to your clients.
  • It can be delivered in real time by e-mail and fax, reducing business hours and improving accuracy .
    • Can I send a quotation to my customer via e-mail?
      Of course. You can send the quotation that is created automatically after you input via e-mail, and you can check the e-mail history and e-mail receipt.
    • Can I count the cases that led to sales after the quotation?
      Yes. After entering the quotation, you can see the summary of the order that has not been completed.
    • Can I manage a one-time quote?
      Yes. If the item is not set as a one-time quotation, you can create a quotation by registering a random item and then changing only the item's name.
    • Do I have to make a new quote when I get the same quote as my previous one?
      No. With the slip copy function, you can copy and use the past quotation.
    • Is it possible to manage if the desired quotation form is different for each company?
      Yes. You can create up to 50 quotation forms, so you can manage them even if your quote forms differ.
    • If quoted discounts are added, can I show the discounted amount separately?
      Yes. You can set up a quotation form to display additional fields, such as discounts.
    • Do you also provide an export quotation form?
      A quote form displayed in foreign currency is provided by default, which you can also change the form to use as your own export form.
    • Is it possible to print the detailed components of the outgoing item?
      Yes. The detailed components and the details of the item can be displayed in the quotation.
    • Is it possible to manage if the person at the time of quotation is different from the person who placed the actual order?
      You can set up different customers at the time of quotation and at the time of delivery.
    • Is it possible to prevent the people in charge of the quotation from viewing the client companies?
      You can restrict access to only for the client companies that they are responsible for, by setting authorization for each ID.
    • Can I process the sales of the quote that I sent?
      If you use a quotation, you can link it to an order form. You can easily check the progress of your company's sales activities by using the order history after the sales have been completed.
    • Is there a report that tells you the difference in the order received in comparison to the quote?
      If you enter the linked quotation in to sales order, you can check the quotation history in comparison with the sales order, therefor quantity difference is automatically calculated in Outstanding S/O status.
    • Can I manage my quotation number?
      The quotation number is automatically assigned and you can also use your own quotation number. It is easy to trace the history by the quotation number.
    • I would like to share with the staff when writing the quotation. Should I have to access the menu directly?
      You can send notifications to your staff when you save your quotes and easily share them via Messenger.
    • Is it possible to make an e-approval with ECOUNT quotation?
      Yes. With ECOUNT groupware, you can use ERP slip to make an electronic approval.
    • Is it possible to copy and make the same previous quote?
      You can create a new quote by copying an existing one. You are free to make additional modifications after copying.
    • Is it possible to view the quote of each sales manager by totaling and checking it?
      Yes. You can enter the person in charge when you input the quotation, and you can simply look up the quotation for each person in the future.
    • I would like to enter the quotation in Excel in batch because there are too many item lists. Is it possible?
      You can batch-register the data with Excel, so if you have many items, you can upload the quotation in Excel at once.
    Main Features
    • Customized Form
      • Up to 50 individual quotation forms can be registered and utilized.
      • Add detailed information such as the desired type or item image, contacts, remarks, etc.
      • Search for items you have added to the quote which was created in the past
    • Real-time Quot Transmission
      • At the same time you input, can send quotation by e-mail or fax.
      • Check the content of the customer's quotation, inquire past quotations and use it for other tasks.
      • Once quote creation is complete, you can send notifications (SMS, messages, app push notifications, etc.) to the relevant department.
      • Send a quote to the customer who has completed the final payment in connection with the e-approval.
      • Quotes created in conjunction with the messenger can be sent to the relevant chat room.
    • Various business links
      • Create an order by calling up the contents of the written quotation as it is.
      • Easily check the order status and the qty of outstanding in comparison with the quotations through reports such as Quotation Status and Outstanding Quote Status.
    Quotation Management