For Better Business Operations

What you need to manage as your sales go well
The more you sell, the more you need to manage.
For example, you may receive an incorrect order due to poor inventory.
Or you may fail to manage the outstanding amount and invoice bills because the salesperson could not deliver the details to the accounting team on time.
Like so, if things do not go accordingly, there may be a deadlock in sales.
As a result, you need to systemize your work more as you sell better and have more work to manage.
The better the business
Ecount provides an environment where you can manage your sales well.
Sales performance check
As sales increase, managing sales performance and current status becomes important.
At Ecount, you can view the sales performance per salesperson and per location at a glance.
Sales details are automatically reflected in reports, so you can see the desired form of report right away without any extra work.
Outstanding amount management
As the number of customers increase, it will become a hassle for you to manage each customer's outstanding amount.
Because Ecount automatically reflects the amount of sales into A/R, the accountant only needs to check the report on a daily basis.
A variety of reports are available, such as a report where you can view the amount of accumulated A/R by customer or the Customer/Vendor Book where you can view the details of the transaction.
In addition, you can designate an extra credit limit for each customer, which helps to prevent bad debts.
Generating profit
Earnings and profit margins are automatically calculated based on sales.
It is easy to see the profit of each item as well as those of each customers, which helps to establish a sales strategy to increase profit.
Unit price management
You can specify a different unit price for each item for each customer.
When creating a sale, the specified unit price is automatically called up to prevent the mistake of incorrectly entering the unit price.
If necessary, the item unit price of the last transaction entered can also be automatically recalled.
Real-time verification
Salespeople can view the materials even from outside the office.
You can access it on your mobile APP or tablet PC to see what you need.
So you can check the unit price or inventory quantity of an item whenever, without having to contact the PIC working inside the office.
Work linkage
You can retrieve quotation details when you are creating a sales order, or you can retrieve sales order details when you proceed with the actual sales.
This prevents omission of work or any incorrect entries.
With all of these tasks connected, it is easy to understand the progress of your business, such as cheking the quantity of items in outstanding orders.
Inventory management
You can check your inventory in real time, so you can receive sales orders according to your current inventory.
You can check the quantity of raw/sub materials in the factory and plan the production accordingly,
and can also help to connect the interdepartmental operations, such as calculating sales order quantities to meet the production volumes.
Shopping mall management
With online transactions, managing becomes very complex as channels become diversified and orders become larger.
Ecount connects with the shopping malls and automatically retrieves the order history.
Retrieved order history is connected to the ERP order and sales history, and the inventory or the order status of the goods on the ERP that can be sent back to the shopping mall, which will prevent the balance difference to occure between the inventory registered in the shopping malls and the actual inventory at your location..
This means that you can manage your inventory as well as your shipping stage and your sales process without any problems.