Online Store Management
When ordering and selling through multiple online shores [shopping malls], it is often difficult to manage information from two different systems Such issues can be solved easily with ECOUNT shopping mall management function.
  • It is possible to collect and manage scattered order data merge with Ecount
  • The shopping mall order data can be easily reflected in the ECOUNT purchase/sales slip.
  • Using the interactive API, you can transfer ECOUNT data to the shopping mall as well as order collection.
    Main Features
    • Shopping mall integrated management
      • By linking with various shopping malls such as Auction, 11th Street, G Market, Coupang, KakaoTalk Store, Alibaba, and Taobao, you can integrate and manage data scattered in each shopping mall in ECOUNT.
      • Not only shopping malls, but also supports integration with shop linker.
      • By using the open API provided by ECOUNT, the order data of a personal shopping mall can also be imported into ECOUNT
    • Mall Order Data ERP Transfer
      • Instantly generate ERP slips based on order data collected from the mall.
      • When you create a slip, you can choose to apply it to the sales slip or the purchase slip.
    • Mall Management with Interactive API
      • In addition to simply collecting data from the mall, you can transfer the data from ECOUNT to the mall.
      • Product information registered in ECOUNT is sent to the mall, product automatic registration function is provided.
      • Changing/applying each stage of progress such as order confirmation, shipment completion, and return receipt will be reflected in the shopping mall in the same way.
    • List of shopping malls that can be linked to ECOUNT
      • ECOUNT can be linked to multiple shopping malls. On average, more than two shopping malls are added each month.
    • Shopping Mall/Action Order Claims Register Item
      New Order Confirm Order(Received) Confirm Order(Transmission) Delivery Accepted Cancellation Cancelled(Received) Cancelled(Transmission) Accepted Return Returned Accepted Exchange Completed Exchange Register Item
      * As of 30 Apr. 2019