Online Store Management

Bring all of your online stores together.
  • By linking your online stores with our API capabilities, you can integrate and manage orders all in one place.
  • Supports not only online stores but will soon support direct integration with e-commerce providers.
Online store orders can be sent to ECOUNT and easily applied to order list.
  • You can easily generate ERP transactions based on the order data collected from your online stores.
  • When creating a document, you can select the desired documents to generate based on the sales type.
Efficient online store management using bi-directional API is possible.
  • Not only can you collect data from the online store, you can also transfer data from ECOUNT to your online store.
  • Sends product information registered in ECOUNT over to your online stores and offers automatic product registration (currently available only for High Mall, Auction, Store Farm).
  • If you change/apply each progress step such as confirmation of the order, completion of goods issued, acceptance of returns and more, ECOUNT will automatically reflect this onto your online store.