Online Store Management
When ordering and selling through multiple online shores [shopping malls], it is often difficult to manage information from two different systems Such issues can be solved easily with ECOUNT shopping mall management function.
  • It is possible to collect and manage scattered order data merge with Ecount
  • The shopping mall order data can be easily reflected in the ECOUNT purchase/sales slip.
  • Using the interactive API, you can transfer ECOUNT data to the shopping mall as well as order collection.
    • Can I easily manage my orders placed in e-commerce?
      Yes. By utilizing the e-commerce management function, you can collect orders from each e-commerce and easily reflect them in stock.
    • Which e-commerce sites are intergrated with ECOUNT ERP?
      Currently Auction, 11th Street, G Market, Interpark, Taobao, Timol, Smart Store, Godo Mall, Ticket Monster, Wemakeprice, Cafe24, SSG, CJ O Shopping, Lazada, Shopify, Alibaba malls are possible, and the linked e-commerces will be added later.
    • If we have our own e-commerce site, can we intergrate it with ECOUNT?
      E-commerce sites developed within cafe 24, Godo mall can be linked with ECOUNT. Private e-commerce sites can be intergrated with ECOUNT using Open API.
    • Can upload invoice numbers in bulks?
      Yes you can by using our Excel uploader.
    • I have a e-commerce that does not support interlocking in ECOUNT. How do I collect orders without e-commerce intergration?
      In each e-commerce sites, you can download your orders in an Excel format which you can then upload it to our system using ECOUNT's Excel uploader.
    • Do you only collect order history from E-commerce? Or can canceled orders also be processed?
      It is possible to collect orders each stage of the sales process, and if the order is canceled, you can check the cancellation history in ECOUNT as well.
    • Can I check the items' different prices for each e-commerce sites?
      You can check the different item prices for each e-commerce as well as each e-commerces' process fees.
    • Can I bring the e-commerce order history to ECOUNT?
      Yes you can. You can also use the open API table that ECOUNT offers to link the order details of your personal e-commerce. You need to go directly to API connection.
    • Can I enter the order history of the linked e-commerce in ERP?
      Yes. You can easily reflect the order details collected by ECOUNT in the e-commerce as ERP order/sales slip.
    • Can customer information from e-commerce be migrated to ECOUNT ERP?
      It is possible. When creating an ERP order/sales slip, you can automatically retrieve the information from e-commerce sites including customer name and other customer information.
    • Is it possible to differentiate a single item by its sizes/colors etc?
      Yes you can. You can register each size and color combination in ECOUNT and connect the corresponding items in ECOUNT and e-commerce site.
    • Can I change the progress of my E-commerce orders in ECOUNT?
      It is possible since we use bidirectional API. Collecting data and sending out data to e-commerce sites are automatically processed; hence, orders' progress changes made in ECOUNT will be reflected in e-commerce progress the progress steps such as order confirmation and delivery completion in ECOUNT.
    • Is it possible to process shipping orders for orders collected from E-commerce sites?
      Yes it is possible. Delivery method and invoice number can be entered to complete the shipment. Multiple orders can be uploaded in bulks using Excel uploader.
    • Can I manage the quantity of products in e-commerce through ECOUNT?
      Yes you can. You can transfer products' stock location ECOUNT to e-commerce. Then available stock for sale in the e-commerce site increases.
    Main Features
    • Shopping mall integrated management
      • By linking with various shopping malls such as Auction, 11th Street, G Market, Coupang, KakaoTalk Store, Alibaba, and Taobao, you can integrate and manage data scattered in each shopping mall in ECOUNT.
      • Not only shopping malls, but also supports integration with shop linker.
      • By using the open API provided by ECOUNT, the order data of a personal shopping mall can also be imported into ECOUNT
    • Mall Order Data ERP Transfer
      • Instantly generate ERP slips based on order data collected from the mall.
      • When you create a slip, you can choose to apply it to the sales slip or the purchase slip.
    • Mall Management with Interactive API
      • In addition to simply collecting data from the mall, you can transfer the data from ECOUNT to the mall.
      • Product information registered in ECOUNT is sent to the mall, product automatic registration function is provided.
      • Changing/applying each stage of progress such as order confirmation, shipment completion, and return receipt will be reflected in the shopping mall in the same way.
    • List of shopping malls that can be linked to ECOUNT
      • ECOUNT can be linked to multiple shopping malls. On average, more than two shopping malls are added each month.
    • Shopping Mall/Action Order Claims Register Item
      New Order Confirm Order(Received) Confirm Order(Transmission) Delivery Accepted Cancellation Cancelled(Received) Cancelled(Transmission) Accepted Return Returned Accepted Exchange Completed Exchange Register Item
      * As of 30 Apr. 2019