Invoice/Packing List
Documentation, inventory, and fund management related to export should be done in one system.
Use our export management function of ECOUNT ERP, you do not need to manage it separately from Excel.
  • You can print out invoice and packing list for export business and print it out or mail it to your customer.
  • Utilizing various search conditions can help you manage your export history.
    Main Features
    • Invoice/Packing List automatic generation and output
      • Invoices and Packing Lists can be easily created by importing sales history.
      • If you register a fixed L/C Issuing Bank, Shipper/Exporter,
        automatically retrieves information when you enter the customer.
      • In addition to the default forms, you can set up the form you want.
    • Export History Management
      • You can send e-mail to the overseas supplier without any separate procedure for the created invoice and packing list.
      • You can view the contents of the e-mail and whether or not the overseas customer is received.
      • Shipping number, invoice date, etc., you can easily check the progress and history of your business.
      • Additional items can be set up to manage your own invoice/packing list.
    Invoice/Packing List