Invoice/Packing List
Documentation, inventory, and fund management related to export should be done in one system.
Use our export management function of ECOUNT ERP, you do not need to manage it separately from Excel.
  • You can print out invoice and packing list for export business and print it out or mail it to your customer.
  • Utilizing various search conditions can help you manage your export history.
    • Do I have to enter the Invoice/Packing List contents manually?
      You can import orders, sales records or input manually.
    • Can I mail an Invoice/Packing List to my customers?
      You can send it out by e-mail immediately after data entry.
    • Is it possible to have decimal places Invoice/Packing List entry?
      You can set up to 6 decimal places for the quantity and price of products.
    • Can I limit users from modifying and deleting Invoice/Packing List slips?
      Yes, you can set authorization by user IDs. You can set it to an administrator ID which has full access to modify and delete or grant limited authorization which can only input/view the slips.
    • Is there a way to get a discount on the total amount of the export invoice?
      You can register an item named DISCOUNT which you can add it on a slip. Enter 0 for quantity and a minus value for price. This indicates a total discount of that slip.
    • Can I write the name of the item in Korean or English when I create an invoice?
      The default item name, whichever language it is in, will be generated automatically. However, you can modify the name to a different language and save it. Another method is to add an English name in the additional field from item registration and load the additional field's data during invoice entry.
    • Can I send invoices to overseas customers?
      Yes, you can send invoices via e-mail to overseas customers.
    • Can I enter the names of overseas customers in Korean and write them in English on my invoice?
      If you record the business name in English as an additional field in customer registration, you can display the English business name through invoice template customization.
    • Can I customize my company's Invoice/Packing List form?
      If you want to use your company's Invoice or Packing List form, you can customize it through template settings. This is may not be as precise as you want.
    • Can I check the e-mails sent to foreign companies?
      It is possible to check the e-mails sent to a foreign companies and can also verify whether they've received the emails or even printed them out.
    • We've mistakenly sent an e-mail to a foreign company. Is it possible to cancel it?
      If you've mistakenly sent an e-mail to a wrong customer, you can cancel it if the customer hasn't opened it. If the customer already checked the contents of the e-mail, it is too late to cancel it.
    • How do I create an Invoice/Packing List?
      You can fill out the form manually or import the order form/sales history.
    • If I export only few items, do I have to enter them in data entry everytime I create a new sales?
      If you register them as My Item, you can call the items in My Item at once.
    Main Features
    • Invoice/Packing List automatic generation and output
      • Invoices and Packing Lists can be easily created by importing sales history.
      • If you register a fixed L/C Issuing Bank, Shipper/Exporter,
        automatically retrieves information when you enter the customer.
      • In addition to the default forms, you can set up the form you want.
    • Export History Management
      • You can send e-mail to the overseas supplier without any separate procedure for the created invoice and packing list.
      • You can view the contents of the e-mail and whether or not the overseas customer is received.
      • Shipping number, invoice date, etc., you can easily check the progress and history of your business.
      • Additional items can be set up to manage your own invoice/packing list.
    Invoice/Packing List