Customer Management
Customer Management allows companies to maintain detailed control of outstanding sales and balances from each customer.
  • You can manage various information of customers in detail.
  • Multiple accounts can be easily registered and grouped by category. Complex customer prices can also be configured and managed according to user convenience.
    Main Features
    • Detailed Customer Management
      • In addition to general records such as business number, address, and contact information, you can create additional items.
      • Customer List settings to see the required account information, such as contacts, addresses, person in charge, etc.
      • Process the entry and display of transactions such as sales, purchases, collections, payments, etc. in one screen without page navigation.
    • Register and manage multiple customers
      • There is no limit on the number of customers, so you can register all that require management.
      • Batch register and modify a big number of customers using Excel uploader.
      • Manage accounts registering groups by category such as Customer/Vendor, region etc.
      • Easily search by using the designated Customer Group when you input sales/purchase, and check the status of the receivable/payables.
    • Manage Customer Prices
      • Set price group by specific criteria such as customer or grade.
      • Add different discount rates for each customer and apply them to the sales price or adjust the discount rate directly at the time of sale.
      • Applied price is automatically reflected at the time of sales input, so you can reduce input mistakes and manage them more accurately.
    Customer Management