Customer Management
Customer Management allows companies to maintain detailed control of outstanding sales and balances from each customer.
  • You can manage various information of customers in detail.
  • Multiple accounts can be easily registered and grouped by category. Complex customer prices can also be configured and managed according to user convenience.
    • How many customers can I register?
      There is no limit in customer registration; hence, you can register all customers that require management.
    • Can I register customers and vendors separately?
      Yes you can by classifying customer groups by customer/vendor.
    • Can I set the item price by customer?
      Yes, it is possible. If an item's price for each customer is different, you can set the price for each customer differently. During sales data entry, item prices previously registered for each customer are automatically generated.
    • Can I set credit limit by customer?
      Yes, it is possible. You can set a credit amount/period limit for each customer. It is possible to limit the sales entry or have a warning alert appear when you try to process sales to customers who've reached their credit limit.
    • Can I categorize customers that I do not use often so that they do not appear when I search?
      It is possible. You can search customers that have no transaction history within the past year and temporarily stop using them at once. Hidden accounts are not displayed during the search and can reactivated if necessary.
    • If I have registered the same customer twice by mistake, is it possible to combine the two customer codes to one customer code?
      It is possible. Even if you have transaction history for the two codes which is actually a single customer, you can migrate the history to one code and then delete the other code.
    • My customers are spread all over the country. Is it possible to manage them by region?
      Customers can be grouped, so you can manage the groups by region.
    • Often, there can be multiple delivery destinations for a customer. Is it possible to manage multiple delivery sites for a customer?
      You can register multiple addresses in your customer information. You can choose the address you want your goods to be delivered from the multiple addresses.
    • Is there a method to notify customers of their outstanding receivables at once?
      By using the SMS dispatch function, you can send the receivables for each customer immediately by text.
    • Do I have to register customers with the New button everytime even if I have a plethora amount of them?
      No. By using the Excel Uploader function, you can register multiple customers at once with Excel.
    • Can I add additional fields when registering new companies information?
      You can add up to 9 fields other than the default ones.
    • Is it possible to manage items by different prices for each customer?
      By using the Price Level function, you can apply different prices for each customer.
    • Can I check the transaction history of a customer on one page?
      Using the All-in-One menu, you can process transactions such as sales, purchases, collections, and payments in one page.
    • Is it possible to manage similar customers by grouping them?
      You can group similar customers by using Customer/Vendor Group or Level Group, and you can view them combined in reports as well.
    • I would like to restrict employees to only see the customers they are in charge of.
      You can select the customers that can be viewed per ID; thus, you can restrict the employees to view only the customers they are in charge of.
    • When registering a new customer, I want to set some fields as a required field.
      You can customize the field as a required field.
    • Can I back up my customers information?
      You can download the customer information in an Excel file.
    Main Features
    • Detailed Customer Management
      • In addition to general records such as business number, address, and contact information, you can create additional items.
      • Customer List settings to see the required account information, such as contacts, addresses, person in charge, etc.
      • Process the entry and display of transactions such as sales, purchases, collections, payments, etc. in one screen without page navigation.
    • Register and manage multiple customers
      • There is no limit on the number of customers, so you can register all that require management.
      • Batch register and modify a big number of customers using Excel uploader.
      • Manage accounts registering groups by category such as Customer/Vendor, region etc.
      • Easily search by using the designated Customer Group when you input sales/purchase, and check the status of the receivable/payables.
    • Manage Customer Prices
      • Set price group by specific criteria such as customer or grade.
      • Add different discount rates for each customer and apply them to the sales price or adjust the discount rate directly at the time of sale.
      • Applied price is automatically reflected at the time of sales input, so you can reduce input mistakes and manage them more accurately.
    Customer Management