Credit Limit Management
Keep track of customers paying on time by using our Credit Limit feature.
  • Set customer/vendor credit limits by day and months.
  • Credit limit can help prevent uncollected receivables or paying extra for exceed payables
  • Identify quickly who is paying on time and not.
    Main Features
    • Credit limit setting
      • The credit limit and the credit period is a setting that limits the amount of amount to be sold to the customer and the duration of the payment.
      • With this function, you can manage the receivable limit amount and the outstanding payment period per customer.
    • Credit limit check
      • Set whether you want to check the credit limit when inputting order and sales.
      • If the credit limit is exceeded, you can set up a warning message or not to save it with the message.
      • The warning message shows the amount exceeded in the credit limit by adding the amount of the slip entered and the previous receivable amount.
    • Credit limit selection criteria
      • Decide whether you want to trade after checking the contents of the warning message.
      • Limit orders and sales for long-term unpaid customers.
      • Check the receivable collection period, from the date of sales to the date of inquiry by 30 days.
    Credit Limit Management