Credit Limit Management

Not all of your customers pay on time and we know this so with Ecount ERP,
you can assign credit limits to the customer so you know if they're allowed to buy.


You can set a credit limit for each customer.
  • You can manage credit for each customer by setting a credit limit and restrictions.
  • Easily choose credit limit management methods for each customer.
You can prevent malicious debt by checking your credit limits.
  • You can activate options to check the credit limit when generating an order or inputting an actual sale.
  • Three notification options available: Show a pop-up, disable the order/sale, or do not check.
Keep track of which customers pay on time.
  • If you manage credit limits, you can display a warning message when exceeding the limit or make it impossible to save the sale.
  • Helps you decide if you wish continue selling to the customer and ultimately evaluate the relationship you have with them.