A/S Management
To build a long-term relationship with your customers, you must stand on the outcome of your products.
ECOUNT ERP provides the ability to properly manage customer history queries and after sales progress.
  • After sales contents can be received and viewed.
  • Register your progress and the type of repair in detail according to your company's after sales progress flow.
  • Provides various output for after sales data analysis.
    Main Features
    • Repair Order function
      • Repair Order by importing the contents of the past transaction and sales details.
      • Create label of the item to be repaired with barcode, and issue an Repair Order receipt.
      • Serial/Lot No. can be connected when repair order.
      • Register/check the Repair Order from outside to mobile.
    • Advanced setting function
      • In addition to the basic Repair Order items, you can add items that your company needs to manage.
      • Register the type of repair and progress you are using in your company.
      • You can manage inventory management of used parts in Register Repair process and also manage the cost charged for repair. After sales data analysis
    A/S Management