A/S Management
To build a long-term relationship with your customers, you must stand on the outcome of your products.
ECOUNT ERP provides the ability to properly manage customer history queries and after sales progress.
  • After sales contents can be received and viewed.
  • Register your progress and the type of repair in detail according to your company's after sales progress flow.
  • Provides various output for after sales data analysis.
    • Is it possible to manage many A/S steps?
      There is no limit in dividing A/S steps so you can manage all the A/S steps your company uses.
    • Is it possible to manage each A/S by employee?
      It is possible to register the person in charge of the A/S.
    • Is it possible to manage the items consumed during the after sales service?
      You can record the items/parts used for A/S and the system will automatically deduct the used items/parts from stock.
    • Can I print an A/S request receipt in ECOUNT?
      Yes it is possible. When you create after service slips, receipts are automatically generated and can be printed out immediately.
    • Can I view a aggregated summary of all the A/S slips?
      Yes it is possible. You can view the status by Repair Order Status, Repair Status menu, by step, item, type of repair, etc. It is not necessary to download and edit it in Excel.
    • Our company manages all items by serial number. Is it possible to manage after sales by items' serial numbers?
      Serial No. can be used to manage A/S and A/S history can also be tracked by Serial No.
    • Our company requires to attach pictures of the products in A/S slips. Is this possible?
      Yes it is certainly possible. You can register images by item and display them in A/S slip after registering the products' pictures in groupware.
    • Is it possible to specify the type of repair such as paid repair, free repair, etc. during A/S management?
      By registering the type of repair, you can distinguish free repair/paid repairs, and if necessary, you can add other fields that needs to be managed.
    • There are many information fields our company needs to process repairing. Is it possible to add more information fields?
      Other than the basic information fields ECOUNT provides, you may customize 6 additional fields to manage your A/S history more precisely.
    • Is it possible to charge reparing fee and used parts in A/S data entry?
      A/S data entry is integrated with sales data entry where you can charge the repairment fee for used items and repairment itself.
    • Can I print a repair statement after A/S repair?
      Yes, you can print repairs statements that includes charged details, repaired items, etc.
    • Is it possible to filter the materials used for A/S purposes?
      Yes it certainly is possible. You can filter the used products for each repairments in repair reports.
    Main Features
    • Repair Order function
      • Repair Order by importing the contents of the past transaction and sales details.
      • Create label of the item to be repaired with barcode, and issue an Repair Order receipt.
      • Serial/Lot No. can be connected when repair order.
      • Register/check the Repair Order from outside to mobile.
    • Advanced setting function
      • In addition to the basic Repair Order items, you can add items that your company needs to manage.
      • Register the type of repair and progress you are using in your company.
      • You can manage inventory management of used parts in Register Repair process and also manage the cost charged for repair. After sales data analysis
    A/S Management