Custom Purchase Order Templates

With ECOUNT ERP, users can easily customize the entry screens, templates, and reports for the purchasing department. With customized reports and templates, the routine work is easier and takes less time. Create great looking reports with logos, customer information and more that will wow clients and managers.

Common Issues

  • Employees using word processor programs to create templates.
  • Cannot easily update templates to meet changing business needs.
  • Changing templates in an existing ERP system is complicated.
With ECOUNT ERP, users can customize the entry screen, search screen and reports based on the business needs. The fields are easily modified to reflect the necessary information. Multiple templates can be set to meet different business needs. Users can effectively reduce the amount of redundant work with an integrated system.


  • No extra cost and little time are needed to modify the purchasing screens, reports, and templates in ECOUNT ERP.
  • Use an integrated accounting and inventory system without relying on Excel.
  • Create keywords to easily search items, reports, or vendors.
  • Create up to 50 templates.

Key Functions

Customize sales book and reports

  • Modify status, statistics, journals or report templates to search data.
  • Edit search fields when printing a purchase status.
  • Access to hundreds of fields.
  • If the field doesn’t exist, users can easily create the exact field necessary.
[Set a Purchase Status Template]

Customize print templates

  • Personalize the appearance report templates when printed.
  • Personalize the reports with your company logo.
  • Create a header with the supplier information.
  • Edit the fields that are displayed on a purchase order.
[Purchase Order Templates]

Customize Entry Screens

  • Customize input fields for purchase requests, purchase plans, purchase orders, and new purchases.
  • Customize the program to automatically load basic vendor information in purchase entry screens.
  • In the new purchase menu, users can automatically calculate and display the account payable beginning and ending balance.
  • If the field doesn’t exist, simply add the field to search in the program.
[Customize Purchases Input Screen]