Purchase history will be automatically reflected in your inventory.
  • Purchase order data is instantly saved and managed.
  • You may check items and quantities that are not in stock by creating an Outstanding P/O Status.
  • View purchase data right away.
    • The price of the same item differs for each customer.
      If you set the price per customer, you can automatically import the unit price when you create the slip.
    • Is it possible to check the outstanding P/O qty in comparison to the purchase order?
      The purchase order and the purchasing menu are interlocked, so you can instantly and automatically check the quantity that is currently not in stock by comparing the purchase quantity with the order quantity.
    • Can I also enter the expenses of imported items?
      Yes. You can enter incidental expenses by item or by slip, and you can reflect future expenses to the prime cost.
    • Is it possible to manage goods in transit for each import case?
      We provide menus for your income so you can easily check your goods in transit for each imported case.
    • Can I manage the purchases for each project separately?
      Yes. Project items can be linked when you are inputting the purchase history, so it is easy to track and aggregate the history of each project.
    • Can I manage my non texable/taxable items?
      Of course. You can reflect it automatically when you create a slip for each tax/non-taxable item.
    • Is it possible to manage the expiration date of purchased items?
      You can register the expiration date by using the serial lot number when you input the purchase, and manage the stock/history per valid period.
    • Can I purchase items that fall below the appropriate inventory?
      Appropriate inventory can be registered as safety stock quantity, and items can be purchased in bulk by selecting items below safety stock.
    • Is there a way to easily input a lot of items when I receive them at once?
      With Excel Uploader, you can batch upload multiple receipts easily.
    Main Features
    • Various input methods
      • The stock quantity will increase automatically at the same time as the purchase input.
      • Bring the contents of the purchase order automatically and process it easily.
      • Manage your own items by setting the input screen.
      • Wired/wireless barcode scanner, ECOUNT App allows you to process goods using barcode.
      • A large amount of purchasing data can be registered quickly/accurately using the Excel uploader function.
    • Check remaining stock status
      • Check items and quantities that have not been received from the purchase order based on the interlocking function.
      • Use the Apply Residual Qty function to restock items that have not been fully purchased, and the quantity.
      • It's easy to track your purchase progress compared to your purchase order.
    • Instantly check your purchase data
      • Check and summarize various purchase statuses, including purchase results by employee.
      • The form of various reports can be set up to 50 according to your company.
      • By giving each user access to each report, you can minimize the leakage of company's sales information, such as purchase cost.