Request A Quote

The unit price request allows you to calculate the optimal purchase price.
  • You can fill out a request for quotation for your vendor requesting the item you wish to purchase and the unit price desired.
  • You can create a request by invoking the materials required based on your customer's order.
  • Our email sending option allows you to send quotation requests instantly.
  • The vendor receiving the quotation request can present the unit price in real-time.
You can compare the unit price of each vendor at a glance.
  • You can compare the price of each item offered by each vendor.
  • Instantly save the desired price from the unit prices offered per vendor.
  • The suggested unit price can be used as an evaluation for selecting which vendor you will continue to contact.
You can immediately reflect the suggested unit price onto the order form.
  • Apply the unit price onto your purchase order after deciding on the vendor.
  • You can prevent mistakes or omission of unit price when creating a purchase order.