Quotation Request
The Quotation menu, allows one to calculate the optimal purchase price for an order.
Once approved by the customer it can then be transmitted as an overall sale.
  • Request a specific or multiple suppliers to make a quote for the item purchased to determine the optimal purchase price.
  • Compare the quotes offered by each supplier at a glance.
  • Customers can be selected through comparisons, and the fixed price can be linked to the purchase order and handed over to the customer.
    • I would like to request a quote before placing an purchase order, is it possible?
      You can receive quotation prices for each item via email by sending the vendor a quotation requsest using RFQ menu.
    • I would like to request a quotation from several vendors .
      You can request quotations from 5 customers at once using the RFQ menu.
    • Can I check if the customer have received the requested email?
      You can check the sent history in which you can see the status of the request email.
    • Can I limit the quotation's validity period?
      Yes. You can set a validity period during the request period of the quotation, so that you can restrict the price from being returned.
    • Can I send the quotation request form in English for overseas vendors?
      Yes. You can change the input screen style to English.
    • I would like to make a remarks column on the quotation request form and input additional information.
      You can fill in additional details in the Remark field and you can check the details written in the Modify RFQ screen.
    • I would like to apply the price that I've sent in the RFQ to the vendor. Is it possible to apply it directly?
      You can select the reasonable price from the RFQ which the vendor has accepted. It is possible to apply it immediately to the purchase order form.
    • How does the customer notice us when we ask for a quote?
      You can send the price you want via email to the customer. After receiving the e-mail, the customer can confirm or modify the requested price and reply back.
    • Can the quote be visible to other customers than the customer I've sent to?
      Only our employees can view the price that the customers have replied. Other customers or companies can't see it.
    • Is it possible to prevent the customers from remodifiying the price?
      If you do not allow customers to modify the original price, the button to modify will not appear on their end when they get the Email.
    • Will there be a menu to compare the initial price and the confirmed price for each case?
      You can compare the price that was originally requested and the confirmed price in the RFQ Status report.
    Main Features
    • Quotation Price Request
      • Create a request for quotation by entering the buyer the item you want to purchase, and the price.
      • Use the E-mail function to send a bulk quote request to the person in charge of each customer.
      • The buyer who received the quotation request, can propose the price directly in the mail in real time.
    • Quote price comparison
      • It is possible to compare the price of each item presented by each customer in detail.
      • Only one of the price offered by the customer can be individually selected and saved.
      • The proposed price list can be used as a basis for selecting a buyer to continue trading
    • Link other business
      • Enter the price request by calling up the contents of the order of the customer and the contents of the material calculated through the Purchase Plan.
      • Apply the purchase order price fixed through the price review, to the purchase order as it is.
    Quotation Request