Purchase Order Software

The purchasing workflow is difficult for many businesses to manage. When the purchase flow isn’t working well, businesses often spend too much on purchases, don’t take advantage of discounts, and don’t follow the existing purchasing schedule. ECOUNT ERP provides small and midsized businesses with a way to create and maintain the purchase flow.

Common Issues

  • Difficulty managing the processes of calculating inventory levels, available funds, and whom to purchase from.
  • No purchase plan exists or the purchase plan is not integral to making purchasing decisions.
  • Purchasing details are not transmitted to sales, production or inventory departments.
  • Mismanagement of purchase requests and the internal approval process.
With ECOUNT ERP, users can manage purchase requests, purchase plans, and purchase orders prior to making purchases. You can process requests faster with an internal approval function and reduce time spent making decisions with real-time information.. With an integrated accounting system, you can gain insight into purchasing costs and cash flow.


  • An affordable ERP system to work with the current purchase flow in your company.
  • Submit a purchase request, purchase plan, purchase order, and purchase within the ECOUNT system.
  • Vendors have easier access to ECOUNT user information with the CS portal – view purchase orders, inventory levels, and more.
  • Gain more visibility over the purchasing flow to reduce bottlenecks and wasted time.
  • Purchasing system is integrated with sales, inventory and accounting modules for less risk of errors.
  • Stay on top of purchase requests and purchase orders; reduce paper and unwanted email with internal approval feature.

Key Functions

Manage purchase requests

  • Use purchase requests to create a purchase plan with an automatic calculation of the best purchase quantities.
  • Create a person-in-charge to manage purchase requests for each department.
  • Assign requests to purchase orders, job orders, or sales orders.
  • Attach relevant documents to purchase requests in e-Approval feature.
[Purchase Request]

Create a Purchase Plan

  • Calculate order quantities based on customer order details, purchase requests, safety stock, and current inventory levels.
  • Assign PICs to manage purchase plans.
[Purchase Plan Screen]

Manage Purchase Orders

  • Automatically create a purchase order by loading customer order details or by the amount entered in a purchase plan.
  • Customize purchase order templates – create up to 50 different templates.
  • Approve purchase orders in the system through the e-Approval function.
[Print a Purchase Order]

Easier Purchasing

  • Instantly submit an approved purchase order to a vendor through ECOUNT or by email.
  • Update balances by loading fulfilled purchase orders.
  • Manage outstanding purchase orders, purchase statuses, and summary.
  • Manage buyer performance.
  • Search reports by customizing the setting to company needs.
[Outstanding P/O Status]

Manage invoicing

  • Easily process invoices after purchasing.
  • Process multiple purchase slips and adjust amounts when receiving discounts.
  • View the status of purchase orders.
  • Manage and view payables by PIC or vendor.
  • Reduce time and increase efficiency with integrated accounting system.
[Purchase Invoice-Batch]