ECOUNT ERP enables systematic order management linked from order to purchase, and receive order.
  • Create a purchase order by calling up data linked to the purchase order.
  • Immediately issue a purchase order optimized for your business.
  • Check the status of your purchase order at a glance
    • Can I calculate the amount of raw/sub material needed in my production plan?
      Use MRP to automatically calculate the amount of raw/sub materials required for production and the time for ordering, based on the production plan.
    • What criteria is used to calculate the required amount of raw/sub material according to the production plan?
      Based on the BOM of each product, the material requirements planning is established considering the Outstanding P/O Qty., the safety stock, and the lead time.
    • Can I make a batch of purchase orders according to the MRP(Material Requirements Planning)?
      Yes. Based on the calculated MRP, the purchasing plan is automatically established and can be easily created for the next purchase order.
    • Our company follows the standard BOM version to make a single product. Can I plan material requirements based on a different BOM version?
      If you register multiple BOMs in one product, you can select and apply the BOM when MRP is created. So you can create purchase orders by applying the raw/sub material requirements plan for each BOM version.
    • Can I view the order quantity required for each item by date?
      Yes. You can check the purchase plan considering the delivery date and the lead time by date and item.
    • We do not receive orders unless our customers order more than 100 orders at a time. When I create a material requirements planning(MRP), is it possible to make plans based on the minimum purchase quantities?
      It is possible. When you create a MRP, you can reflect the minimum purchase quantity for each item when you confirm the total purchase order quantity.
    • Can I view the estimated inventory by date?
      Creating an MRP allows you to view the estimated inventory by date.
    • Certain raw/sub materials have a long lead time due to import processing time. How can I reflect that part?
      If you set the lead time for each item, you can reflect the period when you generate the MRP.
    Main Features
    • Enter purchase order
      • You can import the order contents from the customer or you can import the quantity of raw materials created in the purchase order planning and apply them automatically to the purchase order.
      • You can bring and apply input data such as purchase order plan, order, price request, etc.
      • It is easy to manage the order schedule by setting the delivery date by item .
    • Transmission methods of Purchase Order
      • Because the purchase order is automatically created at the same time as it is saved, it can be output immediately and delivered.
      • In addition to printing, it can be transmitted in real time via e-mail, SMS, or fax, which is also possible with mobile apps.
      • The created purchase order can be immediately emailed to the customer and you can check if the person has been received.
      • The order form can be set up to 50 for your company and you can specify the form that can be output for each user.
    • Progress Confirmation
      • You can check how many items have not arrived yet compared to the ordered quantity.
      • You can search by the date of delivery date, or check it in calendar form.