Payables Management
If you know the payment amount and the due date of the transaction price,
Cash flows can be predicted, making future investments and financing smooth.
  • If you enter it only once at the point of purchase, you will automatically be generated for the customer's payables.
  • You can check the current status of payable by customer and employee at a glance.
  • When purchasing on credit, you can specify the payment date directly in conjunction with the cash flow projection.
    • Can I check the accounts payables for each vendor in bulk?
      Yes. We povide a printout that allows you to see the amount of purchase, payment, and balance for each customer at a glance.
    • Can I transfer my payables details to a customer and share it?
      Yes. You can easily share your debt details with your customer manager by e-mail.
    • Can I manage my accounts payables book for each department?
      If you select and enter a department when entering a slip, you can view/summarize specific departments.
    • Can I manage my debt by the number of slips I have purchased?
      Yes. You can assign a debt number to each purchase and manage the debt by the corresponding number.
    • Is there a way to see the paid and unpaid amounts?
      You can do it by using the A/P by Vendor menu. After specifying a date, you can check the amount of the payment within the period and the remaining debt amount at the same time.
    • Can I manage payables by customer in foreign currency?
      You can view by foreign customer and also by the currency they are using. If you have input currency rate at the time of transaction, converted amount will be shown to you.
    • Can purchase vouchers be transferred to accounting menu automatically?
      Yes, if you use the automatic invoicing function, whatever you input into purchases will be creating accounting invoices at the same time.
    Main Features
    • Easy Payable Management
      • You can manage total purchases, payments, and unpaid contents by customer and purchaser.
      • The amount of the payable is automatically calculated for each customer according to the purchase input and the payment input.
      • Through the Customer/Vendor Book, you can check the details of purchase, payment details, and unpaid receivable for each customer/date,
        Share the contents with your customers through e-mail.
    • Various Reports
      • You can easily check the details of purchases, payments, and unpaid payables for a specific period for each customer.
      • At a glance, you can check the payable of the customer managed by purchasing employee.
    • Link Cash Flow Projection
      • When purchasing on credit, you can specify the payment date directly in conjunction with the cash flow projection.
      • If you set the payment due date when you register a customer, the payment date will be automatically reflected in the projection at the same time as the purchase.
      • If the information registered in the cash flow projection is confirmed as an actual transaction, it can be immediately reflected in the accounting slip.
    Payables Management