To Make Purchases Easier

Receiving the order request internally and asking for an estimation from the external vendor, selecting the unit price, placing an purchase order, and making a purchase is the general purchasing flow.
If you manage all of these processes in a single flow, not only is it easier to check the work progress, but also it is possible to not repeat the same data over and over again to work.
Ecount makes it easy to manage your purchasing business
Automatically calculates the required order quantity.
Unnecessary purchases only accumulates inventory in the warehouse.
Failure to place an order on time will result in a lack of inventory, which will disrupt sales and production.
Ecount considers the expected receiving quantity, the quantity expected to be shipped from the factory, the safety stock level, and the present inventory and automatically calculates the quantity of orders that fit the situation, which helps to maintain just the right level of inventory balance.
All orders and purchases can be checked easily.
All orders and purchases are immediately reflected in the reports.
The reflected details can be checked by item/delivery date through various reports. The details of orders and purchases over a period of time can also be easily identified.
The outstanding payments are managed automatically.
The purchase amount will be automatically reflected as the outstanding amount.
You can view the outstanding amount per vendor and period at a glance, and you can email the report directly to accounting, making it easy to manage purchases and payments.
In addition, you can create payment history directly on the screen where you create the purchase history, which reduces unnecessary movement within the program.
The ability to link multiple tasks makes it easier to work.
Enter the details of the order request for the item that the employee wants.
The PIC of purchasing checks the requested order and asks the estimates to the vendor.
If the client enters the unit price directly to the email that they have received, Ecount will check the unit price per vendor and select the optimal unit price.
The unit price selected will be applied to the order details and the order will be imported to proceed with the purchase.
As such, Ecount interlinks works to one another, making it easier to do business.
To make purchasing management easier
Sales order and job order details make it easier to place an order.
When an operation instruction is imported from an order, the raw/sub material required for the product is applied as it is.
The same applies if you place an order based on the order details.
When entering your purchase order and purchase, you can recall the sales order details as they are.
All you have to do is retrieve the details that have already been created, so you can avoid unnecessary duplication.
Check the inventory in real time.
You can check your inventory on your PC and mobile if you simply have access to the Internet.
To change inventory, you can receive notifications from PCs and mobile devices to prevent omission of work.
You can check your inventory immediately when you need it, so it helps with the purchasing work that fits with your current inventory.