Purchase Order
Lack of raw/sub materials required for production may interfere with production schedule.
With the MRP function, you can plan the material requirements so that the lack of raw/sub materials does not occur, and you can order the right quantity for production.
  • Using our Material Requirements Planning(MRP), you can establish an optimal purchase order plan and establish a systematic ordering process by linking with the purchase and sales sector of the software.
    • Can I change my purchase order input screen settings?
      You can customize the input screen fields by adding, removing or changing the fields.
    • When I send a purchase order to a Chinese factory, I would like the product name to be displayed in Chinese.
      You can add an field to the item information to record the Chinese name, and you can add a order form to bring the default item in Chinese.
    • I have registered my purchase plan, but do I need to repeat the same thing on my purchase order form?
      No. Each menu is connected organically, so you can apply the contents of the purchase plan as is.
    • I have received an order, but I need to send an order to the vendor because there is not enough stock. Is it possible to bring the data too?
      You can easily place an order by loading an order form when you place a purchase order.
    • If I am outdoors and need to send my order in a rush due to insufficient inventory, can I enter/send a purchase order from a mobile phone?
      Yes. It can be shared in real time with the mobile app, and sent by email immediately
    • Can I set an order delivery date and set it to be notified when the due date is near?
      Yes. After setting up the due date for the order, you can send the notification to the person in charge by SMS, message, or app push.
    • Can I see the quantity that I have not yet received after ordering?
      Yes. We provide a report that allows you to check the difference between the quantity ordered and received, in other words, the quantity non stocked.
    • I know the purchase order is a menu that does not affect the inventory, but is it possible to indicate that the order has already been processed?
      Possible. You can manage the progress status by changing the progress stage to [Finish], so that you can distinguish the completed purchase order.
    • We need to send the purchase order to the customer via Email.
      If you simply click the button, you can send the order form to your customer via Email.
    • Can I specify the delivery date in advance?
      Yes. You can specify the due date when you place an order. It can be linked with the groupware schedule menu, so you can systematically manage them.
    • The order form is different for each customer. Can I set it up differently for each customer?
      You can set up to 50 order forms and specify the forms that can be outputted for each user.
    • Can I compare the order quantity with the actual purchase quantity?
      Yes. You can instantly check the quantity of the products that are not in stock by automatically calculating the purchase quantity compared to the order, since the purchase order and the purchase menu are linked.
    • I would like to proceed the order with the confirmation of the person in charge.
      When registering the purchase order, you can set it so that it can be reflected in the book only after the confirmation of the person in charge.
    • Can I automatically enter the raw/sub materials required to produce the product?
      When you place an order, you can automatically apply the raw/sub materials based on the finished goods/semi-finished goods BOM.
    Main Features
    • Link with Master Production Schedule(MPS)
      • With ECOUNT MPS, you can schedule production of finished goods.
      • Buy the raw/sub materials needed for production at the right time considering the production schedule.
      • The Material Requirements Planning(MRP) is automatically established based on the production plan, without the user having to calculate it separately
    • Planning with auto-calculation
      • Based on the BOM, you can freely apply Outstanding P/O, safety stock, lead time and decide the timing and qty to procure parts.
      • The program will automatically calculate the daily requirements, estimated arrival and required quantities of raw/sub material to be put into production.
      • An order plan is automatically established based on the calculated material requirements plan.
      • Create the purchase order immediately by linking the purchase plan contents.
    Purchase Order