Quality Control

To keep customers happy, you need a tool that can help you prevent discrepancies.
Track defects as they happen and generate reports to see frequency.


You can carry out quality inspections according to your business requirements.
  • You can design your own inspection types and set the types of tests to run for your products.
  • You can set whether to request quality inspections, specify inspection methods and require inspection types for each item.
You can request inspection by selecting a quality target for testing purposes.
  • You can invoke a previously created order, purchase, sale, or production and proceed with inspection.
  • If the item inspection request is set to be automated, it will automatically generate an inspection request at the time of purchase or production.
  • When entering in an item for inspection, the inspection type will automatically load based on the item's settings.
You can set quality inspection methods and record the item's performance.
  • You can select the item inspection method such as sampling or lot testing per item.
  • You can track the progress of the inspections and judge whether or not the tests are being passed.
  • Easily identify ineligible or unqualified items and record defects along the way.
You can view the quality test results in various types of reports.
  • Eligibility, disqualification, and quantity by item can be determined according to the inspection method and inspection type.
  • You can check the results by designing your quality inspection report according to your business needs.