Quality Control(QC)
Ensuring quality products should be a companies priority.
Increase your company's competitiveness through continuous quality control and improvement.
  • You can carry out quality control inspection according to your business structure.
  • You can record the Qualified/Unqualified by selecting the Sampling/Lot test as the inspection item set for each product.
  • Purchase, production history can be called up and the quality control inspection can be carried out, so that the inspection without omission is possible.
  • You can view the quality test results in various types of reports.
    • Can I print QA reports?
      If you record the quality inspection history, you can automatically output the QA reports.
    • Can I enter and manage a detailed description of quality?
      You can set up your desired quality history and manage it in various forms during quality control.
    • Can I view my QA history in a report form?
      From the QA menu, you can set it to the desired report format.
    • Can I set up the inspection items and manage the QA inspection?
      You can configure and enter inspection items in various forms.
    • I would like to automatically inspect the quality of the goods when they arrive.
      It is possible to set the product and raw materials entered at the time of purchase/produce to be automatically entered into the Create Quality Insp. Request menu, using the Generate New Slip function.
    • Can I bring in the input from another place and carry out the quality inspection?
      When you enter the quality inspection, the contents entered from other vouchers can be retrieved and automatically entered.
    • Can I manage the history of quality inspections with sampling?
      In quality control, you can set the quality inspection target by choosing the transfer/sampling.
    • Can I ask the quality team for an inspection in ERP?
      You can enter and deliver the items to be inspected by using the Create Quality Insp. Request menu.
    • Can I manage the unqualified quantities of my QA inspections?
      You can request the quality inspection through the Uninspected Status and manage the remaining quantity.
    • Can I have the quality-checked quantity be entered automatically into other vouchers?
      In the quality inspection menu, you can create another vouchers based on the quantity that was registered in the quality inspection menu.
    • Can I set the test methods and reports directly from my company?
      Inspection method, inspection type, etc. can be set freely according to the task, and the form for setting of Quality Inspection Status is supported.
    • Can I request quality control for items that have been produced (or purchased)?
      For items with a quality inspection request, a Quality Insp. Req. Application is automatically generated at the time of purchase or production.
    • Can I check the quality test results in real time?
      If you load and fill out a quality inspection request, you can check the Uninspected Status.
    • Is it possible to process defective items that are found to be defective?
      Items found to be defective can be used in inventory slip, according to the type of return, disposal, or replacement.
    • Is it possible to distinguish between the lot test and the sampling test items?
      You can select inspection methods such as sampling inspection and full inspection for each inspection item.
    • Is it possible to check the inventory that is currently in quality control?
      ECOUNT can check inventory status for separate warehouses. Therefore, you need to register quality control parts as one warehouse.
    • Is quality control possible for each lot(serial)?
      Even if they are the same items, you can assign a unique number to each item through the serial/lot No. function, and manage the history with each unique number.
    • Can I check my order number during quality inspection?
      If you call up the sales order and input quality inspection request, and then call up the quality inspection request and input it, you can check the order number together with the quality inspection list.
    • Is it possible to output barcodes for the items inspected for quality?
      The barcode can be output directly from the quality inspection list menu.
    Main Features
    • Optimize QA settings
      • Manually set the inspection type you are using at your company.
      • For each item, you can set whether to request quality inspection, method, and the type.
    • Selection of quality inspection target
      • Import the previous purchase order, purchase, sales order, sales, production history, and proceed with the inspection.
      • For items with a quality inspection request, a Quality Insp. Req. Application is automatically created when generating slips of purchase and manufacture.
      • When entering an inspection, the inspection type field by item is automatically called up, can be progress by fields.
    • How to proceed with quality inspection
      • Select the inspection method such as sampling inspection and Lot test for each item.
      • Select the progress of the quality inspection to decide the grade and process it.
      • Process the unqualified quantities found in the process of QC inspection entry by defect type.
    • Various reports related to quality inspection
      • Item qualifications, non-qualifications, and quantities can be determined according to the inspection method and inspection type.
      • The inspection report can be set as needed according to your business and confirm the results.
    Quality Control(QC)