Profit Management Software

Profit management is easier with the help of a systemized way of calculating costs, tracking profits/losses, and allocating expenses. ECOUNT ERP provides a solution to many of the managerial problems most small and midsized businesses face when managing profit margins.

Common Issues

  • Profit is not properly estimated according to the sale of merchandise and finished goods with consideration of the elements involved in a product life cycle.
  • Inaccurate cost calculations affect the tracking of profit per item.
  • Cost details are not connecting with sales data.
  • Cannot create the various profit management reports to help make sound decisions.
With ECOUNT ERP, you can verify the profit and profit rate by item/customer through the calculated cost details and various reports that are provided in order to enable the CEO to make well-informed decisions.


  • Sales and production details are automatically calculated making it easier to evaluate product profitability.
  • Create profitability reports based on customer, item and more in little time.
  • Access to various reports that enable users to accurately track not only the profit related to the inventory, but the overall
    profitability of the company.

Key Functions

Evaluate daily profit margins (Best for distribution)

  • Search for the daily profit based on cost according to the FIFO method.
  • Search the daily profit margins by item or customer.
[Profit by Customer/Vender/Item]

Evaluate monthly profit margins (Best for manufacturing)

  • Calculate the actual cost by process, no matter how complicated the process is.
  • Track the actual cost by item/process.
  • Automatically allocates not only the raw material expenses of finished goods by item, but also the outsourcing process cost, labor cost, and expenses.
[Profit by Item/Customer/Vender]

Overall profit management

  • Can view not only the inventory profit margin, but the overall profit margins.
  • Easily create a real-time profit and loss statement, monthly income
    statement, monthly cost and more.
  • In addition to summary type reports, create more detailed reports, including income statement by department/project, comparison of the same period of the previous year and more.
[Monthly Income Statement]