Choosing production management software can be tricky.
How can you make sure the production floor runs smoothly?
ECOUNT's cutting-edge software helps expedite assembly lines.
Effective production management starts with
efficient inventory management.
In order to maximize your production work flow, you need optimum inventory management tools.
Efficient production management starts with accurate and easy-to-use BOM builders.

ECOUNT automatically applies consumption onto your reports so quantities update instantly.
Not only will you be tracking assemblies as they happen, but inventory counts in real-time.
ECOUNT helps you manage your business
from your headquarters to overseas branches.
Production management can include multiple people from different offices, factories,
warehouses, and more. Because of the diverse environment, sharing and collaboration is key.
ECOUNT offers unlimited user IDs so each person can access the same software.

Being a cloud-based ERP, everyone can easily collaborate in real-time anytime, anywhere.
Job orders are pivotal in production management
If you have to manually input every line of detail regarding production and consumption
quantities into a software, it's the same as maintaining a hand-written book.

With automatic calculation options,
you can quickly calculate production and consumption quantities at a glance.
  • Automatic calculation of manufactured and
    consumed quantities based on job orders
    Automatic calculation of manufactured and consumed quantities based on job orders
  • Efficient production progress
    tracking by job order
    Efficient production progress tracking by job order
Evaluate production efficiency via cost analysis
To cut down manufacturing costs and maximize profit,
efficient cost management is essential.

Automatically calculate even the most comlicated cost
calculations based on what your company needs.
Quickly analyze production performance efficiency.
The term 'Production Management' means so much more.
For accurate production management, we offer tools to help manage
the entire cycle from receiving raw materials to shipping and accounting.

With ECOUNT, you'll have everything you need for managing production
in an advanced manufacturing environment.
We continue getting better but our price remains the same.
Access to all features for unlimited users. No hidden fees.