Outsourcing Management
How are you managing inventory by outsourcing factory?
Our ERP can efficiently manage the production process of the outsourcing factor/customer.
  • You can manage the production process of the outsourcing customer by setting the location and vendor information. The online ordering system enables you to exchange transactions with outsourcing partners in real time.
    Main Features
    • Management of Outsourcing Business Partners
      • If you manage the input/output of the outsourcing factory including in your company process, you can check the status of the production as well as the inventory status.
      • When you receive a delivery from an outsourcing supplier, you can account for the price of the goods and outsourced processing cost.
      • Systematically manage the entire process from order placement to production receipt and payment.
    • Outsourcing management through online ordering system
      • Issue an ID to your outsourcing partner to use the online ordering system.
      • If the material dispatch and production receipts is entered into ERP,
        the outsourcer can check the movements of inventory and stocks through the online ordering system.
      • Outsourcers can view the transaction ledger or check inventory status through the online ordering system.
    Outsourcing Management