Outsourcing Management

Failure to adopt a management method that efficiently confirms the
production status of the outsourced factories may lead to ineffective operations such as loss or
omission of data, inconsistency in delivery times, and increase in production costs.


You can manage subcontractors by including them in your company's production process flow.
  • The process of dispatching raw materials to the outsourcing plant and the process of receiving the products are managed according to the BOM so that accurate inventory control can be performed.
  • You can see the production status of the outsourcing factory in real-time and automatically recognize the cost of raw materials.
ECOUNT's online portal allows you to solve inventory discrepancies at its source.
  • You can grant a user ID to your subcontractor with limited access to just their relevant tasks for your company.
  • Raw material dispatch and production can be reported on the online portal so that your subcontractor has access to real-time information regarding your receipt and transfer of goods.
You can check the accurate cost reflected by each item.
  • The outsourcing cost accounting option allows you to reflect the cost of outsourcing onto accounting immediately when receiving goods from your subcontractor.
  • The outsourcing cost is calculated according to the quantity of production for each item and pertinent cost automatically reflected onto accounting.