Outsourcing Management
How are you managing inventory by outsourcing factory?
Our ERP can efficiently manage the production process of the outsourcing factor/customer.
  • You can manage the production process of the outsourcing customer by setting the location and vendor information. The online ordering system enables you to exchange transactions with outsourcing partners in real time.
    • Can I check the stock quantity of the outsourcing factory and the production progress status?
      You can manage the inventory and production history of your own factory as well as the outsourcing factory.
    • Can the worker from an outsourcing company access ECOUNT?
      ECOUNT offers unlimited users so you can provide an ID to the outsourcing comapany worker and they will be able to use only the authorized menus.
    • Can I manage outsourcing expenses?
      You can apply the outsourcing unit price when entering the outsourced production details. The outsourcing cost can be automatically reflected in the accounting books, and the outsourcing cost can be included when calculating the future cost, which makes it easy to check the correct profit and loss.
    • Can I notify an outsourcer when the material is dispatched?
      Yes. If you give an ECOUNT ID to the outsourcer, it is possible to send an automatic notification when the material is dispatched to the outsourcing factory.
    • In reality it seems that it it quite impossible for the outsourcing company worker to input into our ECOUNT while working. Is there another way to do this?
      If the outsourcer cannot directly enter the production details, the head office personnel can gather data to enter the production history together and manage it.
    • We have many outsourcing companies, and the production details entered in ECOUNT should not be exposed between them. Is this possible?
      When creating ECOUNT IDs to outsoursing company's workers, you can set authorizations so that they can only view the details of their own company. In this case, it is possible to restrict access to all details such as production history and inventory balance of other companies.
    • When submitting a tax invoice at the end of the month, we may need an outsourcing discount depending on the amount of production or subcontracting. Is the discount applicable?
      Yes. You can apply the discount to the sum of the outsourced expenses when you issue the tax invoice. The difference between the actual fee and the discounted outsourcing fee is immediately reflected in the report.
    • Are there any restrictions on the IDs assigned to the outsourcer? In addition to ERP, I also wonder if there is a limit to the online ordering system.
      ECOUNT does not charge for adding users. Online ordering system ID registration number also does not have a limit.
    • We depend on the outsourcing factory for production, is it possible to apply ERP in this case?
      Of course. The outsourcing process can be included in the production flow of our company and the outsourcing factory inventory can be managed.
    • Can I send job orders to my outsourcing factory?
      Yes. You can fill out the work order form to be sent to the outsourcing factory by e-mail immediately.
    • Can we check the production status of the outsourcing factory?
      If you provide ECOUNT ID to your outsourcer, you can log in directly and check production status in real time.
    • I would like to know the quantity of the production, but I don't know the exact process of the outsourcing plant. Is there a way to use ERP?
      Even if the outsourcing process has several stages, if you manage with ECOUNT, you can easily manage the entire production history, even if the detailed management per process is difficult.
    • If the outsourcer issues an ID for online ordering program, is it possible to check all of the data?
      Yes, and you can also set permissions for the online ordering system ID. You can have access to all data or you can restrict access to some data.
    • Is it possible to check what they have entered in the online ordering program directly from our company code?
      Vouchers entered by the outsourcer on the online ordering system can be immediately checked in ECOUNT ERP, and the notification can be sent to the person in charge when slips are saved.
    • Is the processing and service costs of the outsourcers included?
      The processing cost and the service cost incurred in the outsourcing process can be used to calculate cost.
    Main Features
    • Management of Outsourcing Business Partners
      • If you manage the input/output of the outsourcing factory including in your company process, you can check the status of the production as well as the inventory status.
      • When you receive a delivery from an outsourcing supplier, you can account for the price of the goods and outsourced processing cost.
      • Systematically manage the entire process from order placement to production receipt and payment.
    • Outsourcing management through online ordering system
      • Issue an ID to your outsourcing partner to use the online ordering system.
      • If the material dispatch and production receipts is entered into ERP,
        the outsourcer can check the movements of inventory and stocks through the online ordering system.
      • Outsourcers can view the transaction ledger or check inventory status through the online ordering system.
    Outsourcing Management