MPS(Master Production Schedule)
Manage the production schedule and the order schedule according to the Master Production Schedule.
  • You can set up a Master Production Schedule based on order history and sales forecast.
  • View at glance the quantity of Master Production Schedule by date.
  • Based on the established production plan, you can decide when and how much material will be procured for production.
    • Is there a function that allows me to plan my production?
      Of course. There is a menu that allows you to create a production plan based on your order history and revenue plan and compare it with the results.
    • What is my production plan based on?
      The production plan can be established based on the order history and the sales plan, and it can be applied considering the safety stock of items, holidays, etc.
    • Can i know when and how much planned production products should be manufactured?
      Yes. Once you have a production plan, you can see how long the product should be produced based on the order history and the due date of the sales plan.
    • Is it possible to plan the production of products considering the proper inventory quantity?
      It is possible to reflect the quantity of safety stock according to each item when establishing the production plan, so you can plan the production considering the quantity of stock.
    • Can I see the schedule according to my production plan at a glance?
      Of Course. You can easily check production schedule by date.
    • We sell semi-finished goods as well as finished goods. Can I plan my production for semi-finished goods?
      Of course. Production plans can be established based on semi-finished goods as well as finished.
    • Can I customize the production plan generated by the program to suit my situation?
      Production plans are automatically generated based on order history and sales plans. However, if you need additional edits, you can change them anytime.
    • When planning a production, is it possible to reflect the national holidays?
      Yes. The holidays can be reflected in the production schedule as well as your company's anniversary.
    • When establishing a production plan, can we make the production plan only for the items that are approved by the head office?
      Yes. You can set authorizations to access items by ID, and it also applies to the production planning.
    • Can I plan our production?
      You can set up a production plan based on sales order or sales forecast through the Master Production Schedule(MPS) menu.
    • Is it possible to manage the purchase order according to the production plan?
      Based on the production plan, it automatically calculates the order quantity of the raw/sub material required for production and issues it up to the purchase order.
    Main Features
    • MPS Criteria
      • When creating a Master Production Schedule(MPS), you can call up the items for MSP from the sales order and sales plan.
      • Decide whether to reflect safety stock in your MPS.
      • Set whether to include holidays in the MPS.
      • Automatically plan production schedules considering safety stocks and holidays.
    • View production schedule by date
      • When you create a MPS, you can automatically check production schedule by date and item.
      • The production quantity by period is calculated based on the procurement period of the item.
      • Based on the planned data, you can also modify the plan yourself
    • Link with Material Requirements Planning(MRP)
      • The production schedule of finished products established by the MPS can be linked
        with the material requirement plan(MRP) to determine the procurement timing and the required quantity.
      • MRP can be used to create optimal ordering plans and work with purchase orders to build a systematic ordering process.
    MPS(Master Production Schedule)