Lot Number Tracking Software

The management fields enable small and midsized businesses to easily perform several different administrative tasks to manage items and production. The management fields allow users to manage production dates, lot numbers, quantities, production types, expiration dates, sell by dates and more. Users can easily view an item’s details, whether it is a particular process or location, and create reports using the selected fields.

Common Issues

  • Inability to manage administrative tasks, including assigning product identifiers or codes, inventory history, defect tracking, etc., using separate identifiers where information can be used to identify various steps or occurrences during the purchasing or production process of an item.
  • Difficulty evaluating the efficiency of manufacturing equipment, time spent on each process, and the production record for each lot type based on the status of each item.
  • Difficulty deciding the order in which inventory should be sold is a problem when managing finished goods by a specific unit item using management fields (ex: manufacturing date, expiration date, etc.).
With ECOUNT ERP, you can add management fields for a particular item based on the management purpose (such as the lot number, manufacturing date, expiration date, etc.) and manage the item movement based on a more detailed unit.


  • Inventory movement can be managed on a basic level by item. However, for more in depth item management and its relative process/status, you can set management fields and use them as lower level concepts of an item to categorize or identify it using a more detailed standard.
  • Enter all elements related to the inventory movement (such as sales, purchase, production, etc.) by management field and use them as search conditions.
  • Use the management field as an easy search setting.
  • Easily create reports on the management field.
  • The management of inventory item movement is automatically done by management field and various related reports will be made available.

Key Functions

Management Field Setup

  • Easily activate the management fields and assign its respective name that describes its purpose.
  • Applies the inventory movement unit (such as a lot number, manufacturing date, expiration date, etc.) according to your company requirements.
  • Management fields can be uploaded in a batch via Excel.
[Set Mgmt. Field Status]

Apply management fields

  • Data can be entered by management field in all functions related to the inventory movement.
  • Movement can be managed by lot using the location information of the relevant inventory.
  • Inventory can be managed based on the manufacturing date or expiration date by applying Lot management.
  • Can be used with the serial management function to provide identification numbers to each item.
[Register mgmt. fields]

Search a management field

  • Search the inventory movement by the management field.
  • Provides a separate inventory status by management field.
[Sales Summary by Management Field]