Defects Management
Defect Management is used best to reduce the cost of additional expenses, also prevent recalls.
Our ERP provides a systematic defect management that can analyze the process in which the failure occurred and reassemble or scrap the product.
  • Defect types can be managed and registered according to company standards.
  • Check the defect type generating detailed defect type reports
    Main Features
    • Defect handling
      • Product Defect is a menu to enter the content of the defect when you grasp in the process of production or I/O.
      • Depending on the processing method, you can distinguish between disposal/replacement/normal use. Depending on the defective processing method, you can deduct the quantity of defective items or as unchanged on inventory qty.
    • Defect Type Registration
      • If you need to search and summarize the reasons for defects, you can create defect types.
      • Defect types can be freely registered in the form that the company want to manage.
      • Defect processing and analysis can be performed based on the set defective type. Link Other Business
    • Reports related to defectiveness
      • You can check the status of defective according to conditions such as causes, processing method, item, quantity, period etc.
      • In the case of manufacturing industry, it is possible to calculate the defective quantity of production by process and to display the defect rate statistics.
    Defects Management