Product Defects

Quality assurance is an important part of the manufacturing process.
Track defects as they happen and generate reports to see frequency.


You can track and manage the types of defects according to your business.
  • You can create a list of the types of defects that commonly occur in your production.
  • Conduct defect processing and analysis based on the set of defect types with ease.
Manage product defects with ease.
  • You can record a defect based on the sale, purchase, production, or movement of an item.
  • Easily input defect processing by defect type which in turn reduces the quantity of stock and allows you to properly dispose of components or send components back for reuse in other items.
We provide a variety of reports to analyze defect types and effectively reduce defect rates.
  • You can check the status of the product defects and mark them with conditions such as processing method, item type, quantity, and period.
  • In manufacturing, you can view the defect rate statistics by production process.