Cost Management

Calculating the cost of your products can be quite time-consuming.
Quickly calculate overall costs including labor and operating expenses.


The quantity and cost of raw materials put into production are automatically calculated by standardized costing methods.
  • Actual costing can be done monthly by selecting the desired costing method (Average cost, FIFO, Last Purchase Price).
  • You can decide on using the raw material consumption standard based on the default BOM or the actual consumption recorded.
  • In addition to raw material costs, you can apply labor, expenses, and outsourcing fees to each process and item.
You can evaluate production performance by assigning the standard cost of production to your items.
  • You can estimate standard cost based on BOM and item information.
  • Easily evaluate production performance against the actual cost by comparing between the standard cost and actual cost of the items.
ECOUNT helps calculate and manage profit with ease.
  • Costs and sales figures are automatically calculated so you can easily view profit and profit margins.
  • For retail businesses, you can inquire profit by day, item, and customer based on first-in, first-out method.
  • For manufacturing, monthly profit can be retrieved based on the cost accounting method set by your company.
  • Even if the production process is complex, it is possible to calculate actual cost for each process.