Payroll Management
Trouble maintaining new Payroll Regulations?
Our Payroll system can help alleviate the trouble by allowing custom earnings and deduction formulas.
  • You can apply your own payroll calculations by create custom earnings and deductions.
  • Create employee profiles, create earnings and deductions, then initiated a New Payroll button and based on the settings you have entered a total pay will be generated.
  • Conduct various payroll frequencies and reports.
  • Payroll history is also included to make it easier to process proper accounting journalization.
    • Are the deductions automatically calculated?
      Yes. If you put only basic tax information clearly for each employee, the deductions are automatically calculated.
    • Can I create a payroll book with ECOUNT?
      Yes. If you manage payroll with ECOUNT and payroll book and slips are created automatically.
    • Can I include the allowance items and deductions currently used by our company?
      In addition to the default items, you can add up to 30 earnings items and deductible items.
    • Our company has a day laborer. Can I manage the daily salary?
      Yes, it provides monthly salary management menu for daily workers, so you can easily manage their time-based salary.
    • Can I create and manage my payroll by department/branch?
      Yes. You can create up to 50 payroll books per month by applying the salary grade. You can manage each payroll by different departments/branches.
    • Can I reflect the time and attendance on their salary?
      Yes, It is possible to link time and attendance to the allowance item and to bring the attendance management data from the payroll account to reflect it.
    • Can I count employees' salaries for in-house projects?
      Yes. You can aggregate from the payroll sheet to the project.
    • How are the payslips sent to employees?
      Payroll slips can be delivered in writing or by email, and the online payroll system(UserPay) allows employees to view their payroll details directly from the website.
    • Is it possible to calculate the salary by reflecting employee's clock-in/clock-out?
      Based on work history of each employee, it is possible to calculate hourly wage and first wage based on work history and reflect it to payroll.
    • Is it possible to calculate the bonus separately from the salary?
      You can create a [Bonus] in the earnings category, you can make up to 9 bonus ledger per month according to the salary level.
    • Can I upload a batch of payroll data without calculating through ECOUNT?
      Yes. You can bulk upload data with Excel.
    • Is it possible to manage daily work by site?
      You can manage daily income by registering a daily employee and inputting work records. You can manage the salary by site using the project classification value.
    Main Features
    • Payroll Earnings and Deductions Set up
      • Add or modify earnings and deductions.
      • Set salary, tax exemption, calculation formula, etc. per earning item.
      • For each employee, you can enter whether to apply the salary calculation or individual hourly amount.
      • Separate payrolls by department, project, individual payroll frequency and separate calculation .
    • Automatic Salary Calculation
      • Instantly calculate salary using the employee information you have entered by user profile.
      • The amount of hourly/daily earning can also be calculated collectively in conjunction with the time record.
      • Income tax and insurance deductions are automatically calculated according to the latest tax laws .
    • Payroll Details
      • Check the payroll information through various reports, such as payroll book and payroll statement.
      • You can select the form of payroll statement to display with all details.
      • You can send the payroll stub to employees in bulk via e-mail.
    • Linking Other Functions
      • The calculated payroll detail can be added to a accounting slip.
    Payroll Management